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What We Value

At Central Coast Grammar School, the attitudes we celebrate, promote and cherish directly reflect the culture unique to our school. Our Values, Mission and Aspiration are capable of standing the test of time as we head towards an exciting future.

Our Values

  • The Care of Others
  • Generosity and Selflessness
  • Personal Integrity
  • Love and Loyalty
  • Respect and Forgiveness
  • Responsibility and Self-discipline
  • Compassion and Friendship
  • Courage and Perseverance
  • Truthfulness and Honesty

Our Mission

Striving for excellence in all endeavours in a happy, caring and supportive environment.

Our Aspiration

‘Our graduates will be mature and articulate global citizens. They will have been encouraged to maximise their academic potential and have been exposed to a wide variety of cocurricular activities. They will have developed into confident, caring and well-balanced young adults. Our graduates will be able to thrive in a rapidly changing world through their collaborative skills, technological competence, enterprising spirit and capacity for innovation.’

Our Motto

Vita et Scientia – Life and Knowledge.  Our school motto and the tree emblem represent the intertwining of life and knowledge and our leafy environment. Education is a life-long process and our broader learning philosophy prepares students for life as well as teaching the skills to acquire academic knowledge.