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Why choose CCGS?

Reasons why you should choose Central Coast Grammar School
  • Consistently strong academic achievements

    Although we are a non-selective school, our students achieve consistently outstanding results in public examinations. A third of our Year 12 students usually achieve ATARs over 90. Most of our students continue their studies at university, with the majority gaining entry to their first choice university degree.

  • Close attention to individual student wellbeing and learning needs

    At CCGS the focus is on the individual – how they learn, how they think and how we can support them each and every day to help them reach their full potential, both academically and socially.

  • Magnificent, spacious setting and first class facilities

    Our 17-hectare campus offers students a peaceful learning environment in which to explore, run, play, think and reflect. And our ongoing building program ensures that CCGS continues to provide wonderful resources that keep up with the very latest innovations in an ever-changing world.

  • We are a nondenominational school with a Christian ethos

    We are an inclusive school that encourages students to reflect on spiritual matters, ethical issues and human values, enabling them to gradually discover their own pathways in life.

  • Our united, supportive and welcoming community

    When your child joins CCGS your whole family becomes part of a community in which you will always find a warm welcome.

  • The highest standards of behaviour and mutual respect

    Our school values reflect our culture and the personal attributes we teach, encourage and expect all students to aspire to.

  • Energetic, enthusiastic and experienced staff

    CCGS teachers are at the leading edge of their profession. They come to us with the highest academic qualifications, practical experience of contemporary teaching and essential personal qualities of warmth, dedication and integrity.

  • Our House System

    Shaping everything we do, our House System operates in tandem with each child’s academic pursuits and personal goals, monitoring and nurturing their social and emotional wellbeing through times of change as they grow and mature.

  • More choice in electives and HSC subjects

    Rich academic programs and a wide range of subject choices allow students to explore their talents and interests.

  • More Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

    Education at CCGS continues to flourish long after the bell rings and classroom work is done. We offer a comprehensive choice of co-curricular opportunities to meet a wide range of interests from sport, music, drama and debating to community service, overseas experiences and our dynamic Outdoor Education Program.

Interested in coming to CCGS?

If you would like to arrange a visit or begin the enrolment process, head to Enrolments.