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There are many ways in which you can help support Central Coast Grammar School. Opportunities range from specific one-off projects to ongoing contributions or bequests that will extend your generosity well beyond your own lifetime.

The Central Coast Grammar School community has been extremely generous over the last quarter of a century. The Parents & Friends Association (P & F) has a long tradition of fundraising. The following are major milestones that were made possible by funds provided by the P&F together with other parents and supporters of the school:

  • The Sir David Martin Foundation Library, opened in 1990
  • Vision Splendid, a 10-year generational plan commenced in 2009 to provide a unique physical environment which encapsulates the natural beauty of the School’s extensive grounds for future generations
  • The Richard Lornie Centre (RLC indoor sports facility), opened in 2002
  • The Multipurpose Synthetic Sports Field, opened in 2009
  • The Performing Arts Centre opened in 2014

Generosity has many forms and we are grateful for every act of kindness, assistance and donation. Such generosity promotes the school’s culture of giving while endorsing our future projects and planning in very tangible ways.