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Why should I select CCGS for my child’s schooling?

There are many issues to consider when deciding which school will maximise your child’s potential. Why Choose CCGS? reviews some key features of a CCGS education.

When do I need to apply?

It is never too early to register as waiting lists are common and the sooner you register the higher up the list your child will be. Some parents choose to register their children many years prior to attendance (even from the birth of their child).

Should you wish to enrol your child immediately or some time within the next twelve months, please skip the Registration step and proceed to Application.

Is there a cost to register my child?

A non-refundable Registration Fee of $180 applies for each child you wish to register. Registering your child will give you greater assurance that there will be a place at the school when the time for enrolment arrives. A Registration Fee applies for every child entering the school, even if a position is applied for at short notice, so it pays to register early.

What are the tuition costs?

2017 School Fee Schedule 

Are scholarships available?

The School offers a flexible range of scholarships for entry in 2017, available to both current and new students. More information about scholarships.

I’d like my child to change schools. Is it possible to enrol now?

We will accept applications for immediate commencement as long as a place is available. Please contact our Registrar to determine availability in your child’s year.

Does my child have to sit an entrance test to come to CCGS?

We are an inclusive, non-selective independent school so unless you are applying for one of our scholarship positions, your child will not be asked to sit an entrance test.  Literacy and numeracy skills are assessed during the orientation or induction process to inform the planning of learning programs.

I already have a child at the school.  Does this mean siblings will automatically have a place?

We are a family focused school so having a child at the school gives your other children priority to attend. Where a waiting list applies, siblings are automatically placed ahead of children who have no siblings at the school. Make sure you register each child for peace of mind as siblings can only be admitted where vacancies exist.

Can I visit the school to see it in operation?

Absolutely! Visiting us is the best way to discover the unique educational opportunities offered by our School. You are welcome at our Information Events and Open Mornings, which take place each term. Alternatively, you can make an appointment with our Registrar at any stage of the enrolment process.

Does my child have to attend an enrolment interview?

Yes. The enrolment interview is a key stage in the enrolment process and one or both parents should attend along with the child. You can use the interview as an opportunity to find out more about how the school operates and we can get to know your child and discuss any special abilities or needs they may have.

Will my child be able to attend an orientation day prior to attending CCGS?

To ensure a smooth transition for children starting school, CCGS has an extensive orientation experience where each child has the opportunity to visit our campus many times to gradually relate to their new purpose-built learning environment. Parents also have time to meet the key people and begin initial relationships. The welcoming experience is matched to the needs of older children joining the school and an orientation day is always part of that experience.

What age should my child be to enrol in Kindergarten?

In general, children should have turned 5 by March 31 of their Kindergarten year. Following an enrolment interview in Term 2 of the preceding year, Entrance Fees become due to confirm enrolment.