Learning 7-12

Learning 7-12

Central Coast Grammar School offers students in years 7-12 the ability to explore their personal talents and interests while being very well prepared for the rigours of tertiary education and life beyond school.

Rich academic programs and a wide range of subject electives give our students plenty of choice and access to so many potential future study and career options.

CCGS is widely considered to be at the forefront of educational thinking and practice. Consistently strong academic results are testament to the quality of our contemporary evidence-based learning and teaching practices. The majority of our students choose to further their education at tertiary level, with most gaining entry to their first choice university courses.

Our broad education promotes the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development of each student. While maximising their academic potential they are also exposed to a wide variety of cocurricular activities and nurtured, guided and supported as they make the steady transition from adolescence to adulthood. Our aspiration is for graduates to leave our school as confident, caring and well-balanced young adults well equipped to thrive and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Technology is seamlessly integrated into the lessons and work of our students. There is a strong focus on the application of Information and Communications Technology in the Professional Development program in place for our teachers. We have highly skilled support teachers to assist classroom teachers in developing teaching strategies that use technology in the classroom and a dedicated team of technicians to maintain equipment.

To meet the specific learning and developmental needs of students, CCGS is structured into 2 sub-schools in Years 7-12, which work closely to provide a seamless educational experience for each student:

  1. Middle School (7-9) 
  2. Senior College (10-12) 

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