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Global Perspective

At Central Coast Grammar School we believe it is important to connect students with communities at local, national and international level. This global perspective helps them appreciate the cultural diversities of the communities in which they will one day work and live.

A range of opportunities exist for CCGS students to participate in overseas Student Exchange and in overseas tours in Sport, Science, Performing Arts, Cultural, Humanitarian or Outdoor Education. In recent years, our music students have performed across Europe, UK, USA and Canada, sports teams have toured Europe and South Africa and there were cultural tours to France, Japan and China. Each year, we extend a warm welcome to students and staff from our sister schools in Japan and play host to many sports and cultural tours from overseas schools.

Humanitarian activities are incorporated into the annual visit by Year 11 students to Cambodia and Vietnam. Working in conjunction with the Tabitha Foundation, students and staff build houses in remote villages from funds raised through the generosity of our school community. On completion of the building project, the houses are then handed over to local villagers. The annual visit also includes a visit to the Sunrise Children's Village where students provide funds they have raised throughout the year and every day household items they have collected from the school community. Being able to make a positive contribution to the lives of others is a wonderful experience for all.
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Student Exchange

Our Student Exchange program continues to provide a valuable cross-cultural experience not only for those students who travel abroad, but also for the entire community who experience different perspectives as seen through the students who join us from overseas. Our Student Exchange program operates in China, Canada, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Japan and the USA.

During their time abroad, students live with a host family, attend a local high school, and experience daily life in the country of their choice. This is a reciprocal arrangement with the overseas students being hosted by our exchange students. Student Exchange is a wonderful educational vehicle for the development of real international understanding.