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Outdoor Education

Adventure, challenge, friendship and life skills capture the essence of Central Coast Grammar School’s dynamic Outdoor Education program. Activities like abseiling, caving, orienteering, cooking, pitching tents, bushwalking, kayaking, and horse riding allow children to step outside their comfort zone and test their fortitude.

CCGS Outdoor Education

Our Outdoor Education program aims to provide every student with the opportunity to learn a range of skills in a variety of natural environments, which are challenging, safe and beyond their every day experiences. Programs vary in intensity as students mature and are tailored to develop the ‘whole person’.

The Outdoor Education program focuses on developing group cohesion and fostering individual growth. Socialisation, experience and fun are inherent benefits of all our school camps and expeditions. Students participate in outdoor recreational activities while also exploring various aspects of the curriculum relating to personal development, health, physical education and leadership. All Years 7-9 students will attend camp over four days in the last week of Term 1. Students in Years 10-12 attend camps for varying times and durations to ensure the least disruption to their academic schedule.

The K-11 Outdoor Education program is constantly under review to retain its integrity and to ensure its scope and sequence remains relevant.

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 camp is held at Castle Mountain, Wiseman’s Ferry. Students spend one night on a bivouac and two nights in cabins. Activities include abseiling, canoeing, bush walking, Aqua Park trampolining, design and construction of a raft for use in Mini Olympics raft race and team building. A specific focus of the Year 7 camp is to assist the transition to Middle School of new students together with those coming through from Year 6 and to build a relationship between students and the Middle School Wellbeing Team.

Year 8 Camp

The Year 8 camp involves The Quest, environmental education, a day expedition of canoeing and hiking, flying fox, abseiling, high ropes, rock climbing and raft building. Crosslands at Galston is the venue for the Year 8 camp, situated in the Berowra Valley Regional Park.

Year 9 Camp

The Year 9 camp is based at Glenworth Valley. Students participate in a range of activities including white water rafting (at Penrith), kayaking, hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, campout, camping skills and big canoe. Student accommodation is in tents and meals are cooked on a trangia stove.

Years 10-11 Camps

Year 10 experience a 4-day expedition to Myall Lakes, Sutton Forrest, Glenworth Valley and the Hawkesbury River. The 5-day Year 11 Odyssey challenge is the culmination of all CCGS outdoor expeditions. The expedition is made all the more special by the secrecy surrounding the allocation of groups and the final locations of each leg of the journey.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Years 9-12

Year 9-12 students can participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, a self-development program for students aged 14-25. This is a popular program with the majority of students fulfilling their requirements for the Bronze award through our Outdoor Education and Community Service programs. The numbers of students receiving awards vary over the years with many students completing their activities beyond their school years.