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Middle School 7-9

The Middle School provides a learning environment in which students aged between 11 and 15 are exposed to a broad range of educational opportunities while facing the intellectual and social challenges of the teen years. Our aim is for each student to reach his or her full academic, social and emotional potential.

Students in the Middle School are at the critical period in their lives when they are laying the foundations of their journey towards adulthood. At the core of Middle School philosophy is an understanding of the importance of developing productive and affirming relationships. Students are given confidence to explore personal challenges within a nurturing, caring environment. They are encouraged to develop determination and perseverance, to learn from their mistakes, to know they are good at something and that they are valued and respected as part of our school community.

As students transition through Years 7-9, The Middle School Team constantly reviews and evaluates methods to increase the enjoyment and achievement levels of every student. We work together to ensure each student is equipped to be successful and confident about their future. 

Most students join Middle School in Year 7,  however some decide to change schools for Year 9 to take advantage of our exciting range of elective subjects and prepare for the transition to Senior College in Year 10. 

Year 7

Students join Year 7 from many primary schools so we take great care to extend a warm welcome and help them settle in. The Middle School ‘Getting to Know You’ day in Term 4 brings new and current students together to explore the campus, find out about the new experiences that await them and meet the Middle School Team and teachers who will be taking care of them when they start the following year. New students are assigned buddies and are introduced to the support network that will help give them a smooth start. Year 7 camp allows both new and not so new students to get to know their classmates and teachers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our teachers delivering the core curriculum to Year 7 are selected for their skill and experience in guiding students through this transition and providing a safe and familiar guiding hand. Year 7 students have allocated Home Rooms. House Coordinators, chosen for their empathy with teenagers, care for each student and monitor their academic and personal development, staying with students through Middle School. During Year 7, students become increasingly involved in out of classroom activities, with a variety of opportunities to develop a strong sense of identity that will stand them in good stead as they continue to mature.

Year 8

In Year 8, students with higher abilities can broaden their educational experience through enrichment classes in English, Mathematics and Science. They are encouraged to look outward to develop a community spirit that fosters a sense of humanity and compassion. The development of social skills is a core focus for Year 8 students.

Year 9

By Year 9, students have a greater sense of identity and can take advantage of our Leadership, Community Service and Outdoor Education opportunities. Such opportunities encourage them to step outside their comfort zones and challenge themselves while learning valuable life skills. Students can further broaden their interests through an expanded curriculum offering a diverse choice of elective subjects.

Key points about Learning in the Middle School

  • Assessment

    Assessments embrace a variety of activities such as research assignments, speeches, essays, field trips, observation checklists, group work, practical work, short answer responses and tests.

  • Each student is aware of their own Personal Learning Profile

    This describes the students approach to learning with competency graded subject specific outcomes.

  • Innovative cocurricular opportunities

    Students are motivated to explore new areas of interest through cocurricular programs such as Community Service, Leadership, Outdoor Education camps in Years 7, 8 & 9, Performing Arts and Sport. All students are encouraged to participate fully in their personal development and to make the most of every available opportunity.

  • Technology and our Notebook program

    Technology is integrated across all learning areas of the curriculum at CCGS. Years 7-9 participate in our Notebook Program which begins in Year 5 and is pivotal to teaching and learning at CCGS. The Notebooks are a high quality, fast hardware loaded with comprehensive software packages. An on-site ICT Help Desk is available for students for Notebook support and repairs.

  • Communication

    Strong reliance on a School Diary for communication between school and home.

  • Organisation classes

    Students with organisation difficulties are taught specific strategies to improve their skills and therefore enhance success at school. School and home work very closely together to support students in these classes.

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