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Senior College 10-12

Senior College is a time when a student’s identity blossoms. Central Coast Grammar School offers a rich mix of subject choices, learning strategies and new opportunities in leadership and community service to lift student engagement in life and learning to a higher level.

There is a strong sense of ‘making a new start’ as students approach maturity and adulthood. It is a time to sew new seeds of integrity, cooperation, respect, confidence, a healthy competitive spirit and outstanding personal values. The Senior College team guides each student through the art of goal setting and meeting the higher expectations of independence, responsibility, self-motivation and self-discipline as students approach adulthood.

Many new students join Senior College in Years 10 and 11 to maximise their academic potential. Senior College Orientation in Term 4 introduces new students to the key staff who will support them during their transition and provides information about the wealth of new opportunities they can take advantage of.

Years 10 and 11 experience our Outdoor Education program while Year 12 take part in the ‘O’-camp (Orientation), an overnight event which is held at school on the eve of the first day of school. The camp brings students and parents together for an uplifting launch into the final academic year. Students attend motivational seminars coaching them in skills and issues specific to their final school year.

Key points about Learning in Senior College

  • Vast range of subject choices

    Our diverse range of elective subjects opens many potential doors to students. Students can choose from over 40 subjects for Year 11 and 12 and includes a variety of subjects in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Language, Performing Arts, History, Economics/Business, Technology and more.

  • Strong support

    A system of safety nets support students in Senior College as they are encouraged to stretch their capabilities. Leadership strengths, problem solving abilities and a sense of initiative are nurtured through opportunities to excel and compete at higher levels. Within the House System, each student's overall academic care, social development and wellbeing are monitored by the Senior College House Coordinators who stay with students for their entire journey through Senior College, developing strong bonds.

  • Each student is assigned a Curriculum Advisor

    CCGS takes considerable care to provide individual assistance to students so that the decisions they make in Year 10 provide an effective pathway through the senior studies and lead to a satisfying outcome in their final examinations.

  • Cocurricular activities for balance and fulfillment

    Adding another dimension to personal development are our programs in Community Service, Leadership, Outdoor Education, Overseas Tours, Performing Arts, Sport and Student Exchange. These cocurricular activities provide fitting counterpoints to academic pursuits and help create the complete person.

  • Each student is encouraged to pursue their personal best

    We encourage our students to be the best they can and to pursue the highest standards of character. There is an expectation of personal responsibility. We help our students to discover their pathway to personal honour and to set the benchmark by which they want to be measured today, and in their life beyond school.

  • Careers guidance

    The school offers a range of careers programs to provide students and parents with the best information, knowledge and skills to plan future careers and tertiary training. Individual career and subject selection advice is offered to all students.

  • Year 12 Centre

    Our Year 12 Centre enables senior students to withdraw from the main school to study and socialise in an adult environment. The Centre provides a collegiate atmosphere and supports the needs of Year 12 students as they prepare for their final examinations.

  • Study skills seminars and tips

    Study skills seminars are held for Years 10-12 students, both in and out of school hours. The seminars focus on strategies for time management, effective study, a proactive attitude, exam preparation, resilience and managing exam and performance anxiety. The Dean of Senior Studies, Debbie Curtis, wrote for magazine Kidz on the Coast with her tips on Surviving the HSC Year. Read the article here

  • Communication

    Strong reliance on a School Diary for communication between school and home.

  • Organisation Classes

    Students with organisation difficulties are taught specific strategies to improve their skills and therefore enhance success at school. School and home work very closely together to support students in these classes.

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