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Join Senior College in Y10

Making the change to the Senior College learning environment in Year 10 helps new students to settle in, adjust to a new learning culture and get ready for the challenges of the HSC in Year 11.

Hear from students who joined CCGS in Year 10 and see how it has worked out for them.

Why change schools in Year 10?

  • Be part of the transition

    Year 10 marks a significant milestone at CCGS, when students move from Middle School to Senior College.  When you've reached Senior College a whole range of new experiences is open to you.  You wear a different uniform, blue rather than green.  Different Wellbeing staff look after you through these critical years.  Be part of this transition alongside all CCGS students.

  • Maximise your academic potential

    Almost 1 in 3 students at CCGS achieved an ATAR of greater than 90. Almost half of our Year 12 students achieved an ATAR over 80 which places them in the top 20% of the State.  These significant achievements give students greater access to the university courses of their choice. Give yourself more choice post school by sharing in this success.  Detailed information about academic performance in the 2011 HSC is published in the Headmaster's Report.

  • Make new friends

    Adjusting to the HSC workload at a new school at the same time as getting to know a whole new set of friends can be a challenge in Year 11.  Give yourself time to settle in and build your confidence during Year 10 so you're ready to hit top gear in Year 11.

  • Year 10 is the foundation

    Get a head start on developing study routines and adapting to thorough assessment protocols that prepare you for high-stakes HSC assessment requirements. Give yourself a year to tune into the expectations of the teachers and get used to managing your workload.  Our senior Study Skills program starts in Year 10 so don't miss out.  

  • Choose the best HSC subjects for you

    As a Year 10 student at CCGS you will have individual assistance from a Curriculum Advisor to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, your future plans and goals, and guide you towards HSC subject choices that offer you the best chance of personal success.  Take advantage of our Careers Program.  Be in at the start of the HSC subject choice process rather than looking around for the subjects you want as Year 11 looms.  View our extensive range of HSC subjects.  

  • Develop your leadership skills

    Our Strive to Lead Diploma starts in Year 10 and runs through Year 11, offering you a chance to develop leadership skills through workshops and service to others, in preparation for gaining a leadership position at the school, in the community and/or in the future.  As a Year 10 student you will complete a Community Service Project and participate in leadership seminars.  

  • Enjoy more opportunities beyond the classroom

    Our fabulous facilities and diverse cocurricular programs offer you a wide range of opportunities in sport, music, performing arts, overseas tours, debating and public speaking that may not be available at your current school - including a 4 day Outdoor Education expedition.  Get involved early and give yourself a new interest outside the classroom to balance your study.  

  • A unique learning environment for young adults

    Explore the Senior College page of this website to learn more about the unique Senior College learning experience that awaits you in Year 10 at Central Coast Grammar School, an experience that offers strong support and a chance to achieve your personal best.

Interested in joining CCGS in Year 10?

If you would like to arrange a visit or begin the enrolment process, head to Enrolments.