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Careers Guidance

Central Coast Grammar School offers a range of careers guidance programs to provide both students and parents with the best information, knowledge and skills to plan future careers and tertiary training.

CCGS Student Career Guidance

Each Year 10 student is assigned a Curriculum Advisor to assist them in clarifying their directions, strengths and options. CCGS takes considerable care to provide individual assistance to students so that the decisions they make in Year 10 provide an effective pathway through senior studies and lead to a satisfying outcome in the final examinations.

Careers services include:

  • Support for Year 10 students to undertake on-line self directed activities at various career websites including www.myfuture.edu.au to build a career profile, explore career ideas and options and develop a personal career plan
  • Student assistance with university admissions, scholarships, and alternative entry schemes including Elite Athlete and Performer Schemes
  • Weekly Careers Newsletter with information updates
  • Online information for students and parents
  • Individual and small group meetings with students and parents to discuss post-secondary options
  • Displays and distribution of publications from universities, private colleges and TAFE
  • Lunchtime Career talks for students
  • Attendance at Careers Expos
  • Careers displays at Parent Information Evenings
  • CCGS ‘Where to From Here’ Year 12 Information event for parents and students, covering options to consider after leaving Year 12
  • Gap year information including Volunteering organisations and the Defence Forces
  • Tax File Number (TFN) applications