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As the leaders of tomorrow, Central Coast Grammar School students enjoy a range of opportunities to acquire the skills to function as enterprising individuals and to set the benchmark by which they want to be measured today, and in their life beyond school.

At CCGS, leadership training and service learning occurs through a range of programs and activities for Years 5-12. Students are challenged to not only fulfil their own potential but to use their unique gifts and talents to serve others. Leadership programs are presented through interactive, hands-on workshops and open forum discussions aimed at developing teamwork, resilience and good relationships.

Leadership opportunities

Opportunities include the Prefect System, Leadership programs, Peer Support Training, Outdoor Education programs, Community Service and assistance at open days and school events.

Students in Years 7-10 can nominate for the Student Representative Council. In Year 11, selected students attend community expos and conventions to learn about volunteering and fundraising. The knowledge gained is relayed to our student community to encourage their participation in efforts to assist community organisations.

Prefect System

Our Prefect System provides an avenue for students to demonstrate their leadership potential. In 2010, we introduced the Strive To Lead Leadership Diploma for Year 10 students. While the program is not compulsory, any student who wants to become a Prefect must be enrolled in the program and complete the requirements.

From the Year 11 cohort who have completed the Strive To Lead Leadership Diploma, 2 Head Prefects, 8 House Captains and the Prefect body are elected to carry out leadership duties in Year 12. These students set the highest standard of dress and conduct and lead by example at all times. Additional leadership opportunities include the election of cultural and sports captains.