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Extension & Learning Support

Meeting every child’s individual learning needs is central to our mission at Central Coast Grammar School. We believe every child is unique and has strengths and weaknesses that need to be identified and nurtured throughout their educational journey.

Extension and Support for Juniors at CCGS

Learning Support at CCGS operates across K-12 and draws on the expertise of specialist staff who work with teachers to monitor each student’s core learning as they journey through school, offering support or extension where needed. Our teachers understand that children develop at different rates at different times and have different learning styles and individual needs. Some children need more encouragement than others to ultimately achieve their full potential. Others thrive within an enriched curriculum that supports their talents.

Our programs encompass both remediation for those who require it and extension for gifted and talented students. Quality Extension and Learning Support is delivered across a broad range of subjects within the classroom throughout each school day. Programs focus on explicit teaching, group work, independent study and hands-on activities, combined with a structure to review progress and offer support if necessary.

Our specialist Learning Support staff ensure the highest quality educational experiences within an academically rigorous curriculum. They offer inclusive support and extension within the classroom setting

Extension - Scientia Plus

Operating across K-12 our extension programs are delivered across a broad range of subjects and draw on the expertise of highly qualified specialist staff. The Learning Support Department provides comprehensive support to classroom teachers for gifted and talented students, including: regular professional development, rigorous data analysis to identify G&T students, providing teachers with a broad base of current literature and practical strategies for differentiating for G&T students, access to collaborative planning, team teaching and work with small target groups, management of subject specific acceleration, curriculum compaction and Individual Education Program (IEP) development for identified G&T students.

Scientia Plus Programs

In the Junior School we implement a variety of grouping strategies that are supported by research based models appropriate for Gifted and Talented learners. These may include cluster grouping, across grade performance grouping and pull out programs for children with a specific talent. Class teachers are well versed in modifying and differenciating their programs to help cater for all children in their class.
  • In class extension: In the Junior School students are extended across English, Mathematics, Music, Visual and Performing Arts, HSIE and Science and Technology, using strategies to compact and differentiate the curriculum.
  • External competitions: Eligible students can take advantage of opportunities in a range of external competitions designed for gifted and talented children.
  • The HICES (Heads of Independent Coeducational Schools) Gifted and Talented Camp: This annual Gifted and Talented Camp provides a great opportunity for our talented students to work in an area of their passion for a whole week as well as meet and mix with like-minded students from other HICES schools. During the camp students are engaged, challenged and spend their days undertaking an in depth study in one core area as well as participating in a range of optional activities.
  • Tournament of Minds: A challenging program, the tournament is designed to give students the opportunity to participate in open-ended challenges which demand experimentation and reward divergent thinking. The tournament runs across 4 disciplines – Language Literature, Maths Engineering, Social Sciences and Applied Technology. Students are scored on both a prepared challenge as well as a spontaneous problem.

Scientia Plus Programs 7-12

Learning Support

To support student learning we use a range of standardised tests, observation techniques and curriculum based assessments to track student progress and diagnose learning needs. Where required, students may be referred for further assessment by specialists such as psychologists, paediatricians, speech therapists and occupational therapists.

As each student’s educational landscape broadens they need to feel secure in the knowledge that support is available. We endeavour to create individual pathways for students to ensure their educational experience is challenging and comprehensive.

Partnerships with outside agencies such as the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC), The Shepherd Centre and the Cerebral Palsy (CP) Alliance and private allied health specialists allow collaboration between our teachers and expert outside agencies to provide comprehensive support programs.

Learning Support Programs and Resources

  • The Learning in Motion (LIM) program in the Junior School develops physical skills that can assist academic learning, develop social coping skills, improve coordination and increase self-confidence.
  • iPADs and Wii are integral parts of the Learning Support resource base. The phenomenal range of applications that are available for the iPAD make it a naturally motivating teaching tool and the inherent movement component of the Wii make it a motivating component to a range of teaching interventions.
  • The Testing Support Program in Years 7-12 is critical in ensuring that students are able to demonstrate their knowledge in examinations.
  • Stage 6 Life Skills ProgramPreliminary HSC.  A range of subject teachers work closely with the Learning Support team to modify their teaching programs and develop initiatives to provide a practical and balanced education for higher needs students. The delivery of this program involves close collaboration with the AIS and Transition to Work Service Providers to prepare to transition students to post school options.

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