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Music is an integral part of life at Central Coast Grammar School. From an early age, every child has the chance to connect with music. Our K-6 Music program forms part of the curriculum and is delivered by specialist Music teachers.


All Infants children learn a child-centred developmental music program based on the philosophies of Kodaly, a philosophy that reflects the way children learn naturally. The program involves singing, movements, rhythmic and melodic dictation, creative work and ‘hand signs’. The program develops children’s aural, listening and playing skills as they learn to play music on a variety of instruments.


Every student progresses to a full instrumental program in Years 3 and 4. All Year 3 students learn the violin. Students are initially placed in small tutorial groups according to their musical experience and are later graded and placed in a group of children with similar ability, catering to each group’s individual needs. All Year 4 students are offered a variety of instruments from the Concert Band: trumpet, flute, trombone, clarinet, saxophone and percussion. They also learn the skills necessary to work in a group.


All Years 5 and 6 students use technology to learn the concepts and skills to arrange and compose music. Recorders, keyboards and percussion are used to encourage the playing and reading of music.

Our cocurricular music program provides opportunities for Junior School students to enjoy Private Music Tuition and perform in a variety of Ensembles outside the classroom.