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Outdoor Education

Adventure, challenge, friendship and life skills capture the essence of Central Coast Grammar School’s dynamic Outdoor Education program. Beginning in Kindergarten, the program follows a carefully planned and closely monitored Scope and Sequence that ensures that all students achieve social and team-building outcomes by the time they complete Year 12.

Camps (even those held during the day on campus) are a great way of building respect and rapport. Teachers enjoy getting to know the children in another environment and children see teachers as ‘real people’ beyond the classroom. The opportunities these camps provide are a key feature of our school’s focus on preparing children for the real world, increasing confidence and challenging them to participate and give their very best.


K-2 students enjoy a ‘camp’ although there is no overnight element. This camp focuses on a range of social activities in which children, staff, mums and dads interact in fun, social settings. The 3-day camp involves parent-organised activities at school as well as additional off-campus outings.


All Years 3-6 children attend annual camp. The program revolves around the theme of ‘Challenge by Choice’. We slowly increase the challenges children encounter, from high ropes and dormitories in Year 3 to the Giant Swing and tall tree climbs in Year 6.

Outdoor Education Y7-12