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Junior School (K-6)

In the Junior School, children begin a lifelong educational journey where challenge, curiosity and imagination open many doors. It is during this time that the foundations for the important early learning years are established. Children are gently guided step by step as they grow and mature academically, physically, emotionally and socially.

Curiosity, clear thinking and personal academic accomplishment are fostered from day 1, encouraging every child to develop a hunger for knowledge. At the same time, wholesome attitudes and values help children develop resilience, determination and self-confidence, setting them in good stead for learning in Years 7-12.

Under the guidance of Linda Webb, Head of Junior School, teachers and specialist support staff:

  • Show children how to learn and discover the joy of learning
  • Carefully monitor the individual learning and wellbeing of each child
  • Respect students, have faith in their ability and see the world through their eyes
  • Always act with integrity, honesty, justice, sincerity and compassion, modelling the behaviour we expect from all children
  • Help children move from dependence to independence
  • Teach each child that they can do it (if a child is treated as though they can, they usually will)

Key points about Learning in the Junior School

  • Individual attention

    Our students receive quality Extension and Learning Support that is delivered across a broad range of subjects within the classroom throughout each school day.

  • Broad curriculum staffed by specialist teachers

    Our aim is to enrich, challenge and give students a diversity of choice so they can find a range of areas in which they can succeed. We encourage them to use this success to springboard into areas that they may find challenging.

  • Outstanding learning and teaching practices

    A key part of our core teaching and learning practices are developing learning dispositions, or ways of thinking that lay the foundations for successful learning – not just the attainment of knowledge.

  • Technology and our Notebook program

    Technology is integrated across all learning areas of the curriculum at CCGS. Years 5 and 6 participate in our Notebook Program, which continues through to Year 9 and is pivotal to teaching and learning at CCGS. The Notebooks are a high quality, fast hardware loaded with comprehensive software packages. An on-site ICT Help Desk is available for students for Notebook support and repairs.

  • Home, community and school are interconnected

    Together we can make a remarkable contribution to the social, emotional and academic journey of our children. Our diary system is a great way to communicate daily between home and school.

  • Exciting opportunities beyond the classroom

    Being a student at CCGS means exploring new interests, challenging inhibitions and embracing unique experiences. Junior students can join a club, become a public speaker, learn to play an instrument, take to the stage in a school production and try a variety of sporting codes.

  • Diversity

    To enable children to better understand their role in the broader community, our programs focus on developing an appreciation for different traditions and cultures and for the environment. We integrate specific opportunities for celebrating differences through specialist lessons in Religious and Moral Education and Languages and through involvement in Reconciliation Week, weekly assembly, charities and cultural excursions.

  • A flying start

    Each Kindergarten child has the undivided attention of their class teacher for one hour during the first few days at which time their literacy and numeracy skills are assessed. A personal interview with parents involves sharing information about the child’s strengths and areas where they may need support, allowing the teacher to plan their individualised learning program.

  • A smooth transition to school

    Starting school is always an exciting and sometimes anxious time for both a child and their parents. To ensure a smooth transition, CCGS has a prolonged orientation experience where each child has the opportunity to visit our campus many times to gradually relate to their new purpose-built learning environment. Parents also have time to meet the key people and begin initial relationships.

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