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Multipurpose Sports Field 

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Our state-of-the-art, full-sized, floodlit sporting facility attracts a high volume of spectators from a variety of sporting codes. It is used by the school, by local clubs for matches and training and by visiting independent schools from Sydney and beyond.

The Multipurpose Sports Field is located in a prominent position on the school campus. It sits adjacent to the indoor Multipurpose Sports Centre and the Vision Splendid gardens, ensuring high visibility all year -  especially during the Spring Fair and Art Show which attracts thousands of visitors to our school.

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BUNDARA: Bi-annual School Magazine

Bundara is the school's full-colour magazine distributed bi-annually and published in both print and online. It's currently distributed to approximately 4000 people including school families, school Alumni, pre-schools and selected businesses and is regularly used in the school's external promotional events.

Past issues of Bundara can be viewed on our website:

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