This page seeks to provide the latest updates and information on the impact of COVID-19 on our school operation. This page is intended for CCGS families and relates specifically to actions taken by our school and events and activities held.

Friday 22 May 2020

Dear Parents, 

With all students back in the classroom in a smooth, coordinated transition and very high attendance rates, it feels like we have turned a corner and can celebrate together what we have achieved over the last 8 weeks. Whilst we have all experienced challenges there have been many wonderful moments that have shown the true strength of our community.

As the campus rebounds back to life alongside many other sectors of the economy, we know there is a long way to go before we return to ‘normal.’ 

We will monitor the impact of any further lifting of restrictions on school operations very closely, looking for safe opportunities to enrich school life as soon as we can. Meanwhile here is an update on what you can and can’t do in NSW including upcoming changes on 1 June. 

During the last two weeks, we have been settling students back into routine and assessing where they’re up to as they move out of remote learning mode. We know you’ll be doing the same at home and appreciate your support. We understand home routines will be a little unsettled as restrictions continue to be lifted and your work schedules adapt to keep up. Please reach out to class teachers and House Coordinators for help if you need it.

Busways and Red Bus school services have advised that they are operating as normal and have in place extra hygiene measures. They have confirmed that school children will have priority over adults and no school child will be left behind. Nevertheless, I understand that many parents will drive their children to school and all will need to plan extra time for increased road traffic and car park congestion. To minimise time in the car park, please move quickly and safely through the kiss and drop zone and move on in a quick and orderly manner after drop off. I thank you for your patience, cooperation and consideration for other drivers and pedestrians. 

We continue to work hard to enforce safe physical distancing for staff and parents on campus. Please do not accompany children onto school grounds and please adhere to safe social distancing practices when waiting to pick up children. The 1.5 metre rule needs to be part of our new normal for the time being and we thank you for your support here. 

I’m very proud of the way our students, staff and families have worked together to reach this milestone and I’m committed to sustaining our positive momentum as we shift our focus from response and recovery towards a vigilant return to normal operations.

Best wishes for a restful weekend. 

Bill Low

Friday 15 May 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support and trust during our transition to face to face schooling this week.

As of today we have Years K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 11 and 12 back at school five days a week with a very high attendance rate of almost 100%. Next week we will welcome Years 5 and 8 returning on Monday, Year 6 on Tuesday, Year 10 on Wednesday and Year 9 on Thursday.

As I walk around the school I see happy parents, happy students and happy teachers. The Heads of School and staff have focused resources on supporting each cohort as they return to ensure a smooth transition back to full face to face schooling. It has been an amazing week to be at CCGS.   

Our commitment to instituting a rigorous hygiene regime has been implemented and I’ve received lots of positive feedback from staff, parents and students. The students have been very appreciative of the efforts being made by our daytime cleaning team and the cleaners have been impressed by the number of times grateful, friendly and polite students have thanked them for their efforts. Staff and student temperatures and health are being monitored each morning and to date there have been no high readings requiring people to be sent home. 

Physical distancing for staff and parents is a key element of ensuring a safe learning environment. I must re-iterate my request that parents do not accompany children onto school grounds and if using the Kiss & Drop zones ensure their children are ready to make a prompt exit from the vehicle. For the safety of all, parents are asked to move on in a quick but orderly manner after dropping off their students. With so many parents dropping their students off rather than utilising public transport, it is absolutely imperative that all parents spend the minimum amount of time in the car park to ease congestion and frustration of others. 

As the national Roadmap to a COVIDSafe Australia shifts the focus to safe economic recovery, I hope the relaxing of some restrictions in NSW today creates opportunities for your family to enjoy new freedoms and your employer or business to begin to regenerate.

With these new freedoms come risks and responsibilities, for us as a school community, alongside our State and nation, as we work together to take care and protect each other. I’m impressed by the responsible approach of families, staff and students and urge you to monitor your family’s health, keep children at home if unwell, and avoid socialising on school grounds at pick up and drop off. Could I again encourage students, staff, parents, extended family and friends of the school to download the COVIDSafe app.

We’re loving having your children back with us. Perhaps you’re missing them at home already, or breathing a sigh of relief, or waiting patiently for their return date next week. Perhaps you’re a little nervous about how this next stage of managing the pandemic will unfold. We understand your feelings and I assure you we will remain vigilant and proactive in our response to any changes in government and health advice moving forward.

I thank you again for the confidence and trust you have placed in our management of the COVID-19 challenge. 

Kind Regards,
Bill Low

Friday 8 May 2020

When the first grades return to face to face learning on Monday, it will have been just over four school weeks since we activated our learning continuance plan on Tuesday 24 March. 

Remote learning operations have seen innovation and frustration, independence and close connection, care and resilience, new freedoms and long hours – from students, families and teachers. It’s very encouraging to be on the road back to normal and I am very grateful for your continued support of my staff as we wind up remote learning and return to school. 

Students are to return to full time face to face schooling on the dates below and I thank everyone for their patience while they wait their turn.

  • Kindergarten    Monday 11 May
  • Year 1    Monday 11 May
  • Year 2    Monday 11 May
  • Year 3    Wednesday 13 May
  • Year 4    Thursday 14 May
  • Year 5    Monday 18 May
  • Year 6    Tuesday 19 May
  • Year 7    Monday 11 May
  • Year 8    Monday 18 May
  • Year 9    Thursday 21 May
  • Year 10    Wednesday 20 May
  • Year 11    Thursday 14 May
  • Year 12    Monday 11 May

I remind you of the following key points (please refer to my email of last Friday for further detail)

  • Remote learning will only continue for each grade until the grade returns to face to face schooling. Normal absence reporting procedures apply. 
  • All students to wear formal winter uniform on site from Monday 11 May.
  • Rigorous cleaning, health and safety procedures are in place for students, staff and parents. Hand sanitizer and wipes are available in all classrooms.
  • Please do not accompany children onto school grounds when dropping them off or picking them up, ensure a prompt exit from vehicle at kiss and drop and do not linger or socialise with other families on school grounds. 
  • Forehead temperature testing will be implemented for both staff and students from Monday 11 May. We have secured 40 forehead thermometers. Whilst the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) does not recommend temperature testing, we have determined to implement it at least for a few weeks to build confidence. 
  • Please note that the canteen will only offer pre orders until further notice. 
  • Parent volunteers in the canteen or classroom can not be accommodated until further notice. 

During the week, prefects have been helping students send messages of thanks and support to people who are making a big difference during the pandemic: doctors, nurses, shop keepers, farmers, teachers and big shout outs to mums and dads too! Please encourage your children to share their message of thanks at

I wish all mothers a very happy and safe Mothers Day at the weekend. There’s no doubt that mothers have played a special role in keeping families positive during these difficult times. 

Finally, could I again encourage students, staff, parents, extended family and friends of the school to download the COVIDSafe app.

Friday 1 May 2020

Term 2 commenced with enhanced remote learning with teachers and students excited to reconnect after the Easter holidays.
As indicated a week ago, I am getting in touch to advise of our planning for a full resumption of face-to-face schooling in a managed way which gives optimum consideration to the safety of all involved with the school. 

Face to face schooling will commence for each grade on the dates indicated below and students will return five days per week on a permanent basis.

  • Kindergarten    Monday 11 May
  • Year 1              Monday 11 May
  • Year 2              Monday 11 May
  • Year 3              Wednesday 13 May
  • Year 4              Thursday 14 May
  • Year 5              Monday 18 May
  • Year 6              Tuesday 19 May
  • Year 7              Monday 11 May
  • Year 8              Monday 18 May
  • Year 9              Thursday 21 May
  • Year 10            Wednesday 20 May
  • Year 11            Thursday 14 May
  • Year 12            Monday 11 May

All students have the option to follow the remote learning program on site or at home until their year level returns to face-to-face schooling.

Once a year level switches to face to face learning, we expect that students will attend on site unless they are unwell, have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for the virus, or where there is a legitimate reason for them not attending school. Where there are particular compassionate reasons relating to a child or family the normal process of speaking with your relevant Head of School continues. Please note that as we commence face-to-face schooling for each year level on the dates specified, remote teaching will cease.

This plan will be modified if health advice changes. In the event of a CCGS community infection, we will follow the instructions of the public health unit as is specified practice.

Safety of students, staff and our community

We are counting on our whole school community to work together to implement our comprehensive plan for the safety of students and staff. 

Hand sanitiser, disinfectant and paper towels will be available in all classrooms. These supplies will be checked at least twice daily. 

We have also engaged a team of onsite cleaners who will be active throughout the day. Areas which are heavy use such as door handles, handrails, outside tables and bathrooms will receive special attention.  We have developed, in consultation with our cleaners a strict regime. 

  • Junior School students have incorporated regular hand washing into their daily routines and senior students are encouraged to follow these practices as well as using the hand sanitisers in their classrooms.
  • Students will have their temperatures checked during roll call with forehead thermometers and staff will also have a temperature check. 
  • Students are asked to bring to school necessary equipment such as calculators rather than share items. Parents are asked to ensure that the equipment is clean when it arrives.
  •  As you are aware from my previous correspondence and advice from the Chief Medical Officer and Government, the chances of transmission from student to student or student to adult is low. Whilst physical distancing does not apply to schools, we request that all adults observe distancing from other adults whilst on the school site. Staff will be physically distancing from each other in staffrooms and the common room.
  • It is important that parent presence within the main part of the school is minimised for the time being. The School requests that parents do not accompany children onto school grounds and if using the Kiss & Drop zones ensure their children are ready to make a prompt exit from the vehicle. We are looking at a detailed plan to assist students to make their way safely from vehicles to the footpath adjoining the carpark. For the convenience and safety of all, parents are asked to move on in a quick but orderly manner after dropping off their students. Parents are further requested to stay in their cars at drop off and pick up. The exception to this request is that parents of Kindergarten students may take their child to their classroom but parents are asked to immediately leave.
  • Parents waiting for their children at the end of the school day are asked to socially distance themselves from other people outside of their family members and not to wait outside classrooms with the exception of Kindergarten. All parents are asked not to congregate for any extended period and to maintain social distancing from each other and from staff. 
  • As per normal school procedures, parents may go to the Chambers Administration building and pick up unwell children. 
  • Parents may also access the library but are asked to be prompt and observe distancing requirements in the library. 
  • The School canteen will be available for lunch pre orders only so that students can quickly pick up their food/drinks and move away from the area. 
  • School buses will still run from the RLC as per normal and we have been advised that our bus providers have also increased their hygiene measures. 
  • We will be following our usual timetable, including recess and lunch, as our grounds and facilities allow adequate circulation space with some onsite special arrangements.

Update on Term 2 events and activities

For the time being there will be no large gatherings at school, this will impact a number of normal activities including Service, assemblies and community events. 
When the environment changes we will look for opportunities to add events and cocurricular activities wherever possible, modified where necessary. There will be no ISA sport during Term 2 and the situation will be reviewed according to health advice for Term 3. 

From next week you will start to receive communications from individual Heads of School regarding any arrangements that are in place for particular year levels. I know we are all united in our desire to provide the best possible education and the safest possible learning environment for our children and their teachers and look forward to working together towards a return to full face-to-face schooling by Thursday 21 May.

Lastly, I would like to encourage everyone associated with the school including students, staff, parents and extended family to download the COVIDSafe app as recommended by the Australian and NSW Government. An important part of the containment of COVID-19 is that there is rapid tracing of any new cases.

Yours Sincerely,
Bill Low

Friday 24 April 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a happy Easter break and are surviving a very different way of living. 

At the end of last term I indicated I would contact you prior to school starting to give you any updates and indeed this week it has been interesting to say the least. As you are aware, earlier in the week the Premier made announcements about transitioning back to face to face learning from 11 May 2020. I thought you would be interested to know that during this week I have taken part in a number of meetings looking at planning for this transition. 

These have included:

  • Participating in a meeting of the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) NSW Advisory Council
  • An Executive Meeting on Thursday with Heads of Schools and Deputies and the Director of Teaching and Learning
  • A personal meeting with Dr Andrew Montague, Chief Executive, Central Coast Local Health District, Dr Peter Lewis, Director, Central Coast Public Health Unit and Dr Katherine Todd, Public Health Physician, Central Coast Public Health Unit
  • A full meeting of the CCGS Board on Thursday 23 April during the evening

Additionally, I have today received advice from the AIS NSW on Workplace Health and Safety in relation to transitioning back to the classroom in Term 2. The advice has been informed by Professor Paul Kelly and the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC). 

Following consideration of all the above I wish to advise the following:

The first two weeks of term

CCGS will resume school with remote learning on Tuesday 28 April. This day will not be a staff development day for CCGS staff. During the first two weeks of Term 2, families will continue to have the option of remote learning at home or following the remote learning program supervised at school. Staff will spend the student free day on Monday 27 April further refining the remote learning program and planning for the switch to face to face learning.

Return to face to face learning

We understand the challenges that mandated remote learning operations have posed for families and we are keen to return to face to face learning for all students in a safe environment as soon as possible. We have already undertaken risk assessment to ensure a very comprehensive plan and the safety of students and staff is our primary consideration. 

Significantly advice this week from several sources will further inform our planning. 

  • The AHPPC has published advice for schools to reduce even further the relatively low risk of COVID-19 transmission in schools. All of this advice will be adhered to.
  • The National Cabinet confirms the health advice of the AHPPC that “attendance at a school campus for education represents a very low risk to students”.
  • Today the Prime Minister has again advised that social distancing measures are not required in schools. 
  • Professor Paul Kelly, Deputy Chief Medical Officer has indicated this week that the primary risk in schools is the spread of COVID-19 from adult to adult.

Our risk management plan will apply stringent measures with regard to employees and parents. Next week we will further develop and publish our guidelines for maintaining hygiene and movement around the school. Some decisions already taken include the employment of cleaners who will play an active and visible role during the school day. Ample hand sanitizer and wipes have been purchased. 20 forehead thermometers have been ordered for use for students and staff. Any staff or student who appears slightly ill will not attend school or will be sent home if they become ill. Further advice in relation to the operation of the canteen, management of students at break times and prior to school and after school will be made available next week as our detailed planning continues. 

At this stage our planning for face to face learning is ambitious but I believe realistic.

Given the geography of the school and rigorous hygiene processes, we can achieve what students, parents and staff want and that is a full return to face to face teaching as quickly as possible in a safe environment. 

Our current planning looks at the following timetable:

  • On Monday 11 May students in Year 12, Year 7, Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 will attend face to face at school.
  • Students in other years will progressively join for face to face with the hope that all students will be attending face to face by Thursday, 21 May 2020. In the event that a COVID-19 outbreak did occur our plans would be immediately revised to ensure the safety of students and staff and of course NSW Health would be involved. 

This timeline will be dependent on a smooth implementation process and no unforeseen problems. 

As we move to face to face teaching and learning, remote learning will be removed. The lessons learned during this remote learning period will be long lasting and I have no doubt they will have an impact on how CCGS is able to make the most of technology and look creatively at the world of learning and teaching as we move forward. 

Enhanced remote learning

Whilst we anticipate moving rather quickly to face to face, key learnings from Term 1 have resulted in the following improvements for Term 2. Full details and links have been posted to the Learn Remotely page on MyCCGS

  • Junior School classroom and specialist teachers will now teach the first 10 minutes of lessons through video conferencing using Microsoft Teams, following the regular classroom timetable found on MyCCGS. Teachers will explain the task to the students and how to access the learning tools via MyCCGS and other platforms. 
  • Teachers K-12 will end lessons 5 minutes early to allow time for students (and teachers) to take a break and re-set to start the next lesson on time.
  • Student cameras have been activated in Teams K-12 with appropriate guidelines, to enhance student/teacher engagement. Years 5 and 6 will need to view instructions to activate the web cams on their laptops. Student expectations for use of camera will be made clear by teachers. See advice for students without a built-in web cam
  • Some key teacher focus areas include: support and extension to meet the needs of all students, pace of learning with built in breaks and reflection time and increased opportunities to connect students with each other and their teachers. 
  • Student remote learning tips for Term 2 have been added to the Learn Remotely page to re-focus students on getting the most out of learning at home.
  • 10 Home IT Improvement Tips from our Helpdesk including Wi-Fi set up, equipment, cabling and more

Once again I thank staff, students and parents for what has been an amazing team effort under the most difficult of circumstances. I feel privileged indeed to be part of such an innovative and caring learning community. 

I will be in contact again next week to update you on our planning.

Kind Regards,
Bill Low

Friday 3 April 2020

Thank you in these challenging times.

It’s been nearly two weeks since we switched to remote learning and we’ve all been embracing this new dynamic with resilience, vigour and optimism. It’s been a completely new experience for us all and we are very proud of our students, staff and families for what we have achieved together.

Thanks to long term strategic investment in our learning management platform, teaching and learning framework and digital literacy capacity our learning community was well placed to quickly deliver a comprehensive and interactive learning continuance plan. 

Nevertheless, we don’t underestimate the challenges of such a rapid and fundamental paradigm shift in teaching, learning and wellbeing. Staff have been very busy, working their usual timetable and more, on-site and from home, monitoring attendance and engagement, unwinding yesterday’s plans and adapting, innovating and connecting to develop new ways of supporting students and families. We are all inspired by your positive feedback.

We know that families are also facing difficult circumstances, working from home and supporting your child’s remote learning. We are very grateful for the tremendous support you are giving your children and the remote learning program. Now, more than ever, we are in very close partnership to achieve the best outcomes for your children. 

Some children are finding it harder to work more independently in this new learning environment and we are helping them to develop the skills they need to thrive. Families with children in K-2 are finding the management of remote learning particularly challenging and we are working on modifications to improve this experience. More advice will follow to help families manage screen time as remote learning progresses. ICT helpdesk is standing by to support families on 4365 8486 or at 

Maintaining a sense of connection and belonging to the broader learning community is crucial for student wellbeing. The Virtual Easter Selfie Parade is calling on our amazing school spirit to re-imagine our CCGS Easter traditions. Children from K-12 can help Kindy celebrate Easter by uploading their Easter themed dress up photos by Monday 6 April. Your children will have heard all about it via their daily notices and I encourage your family to get involved if you can. We certainly do not want to put families under more pressure to create Easter bonnets, keep it simple and have fun.

CCGS remains open on the basis of Government advice to support our community. Should we need to make any further changes to the way we are operating, I will inform you immediately. I will give you a further update prior to the end of school term. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and positive messages to my staff at this time. 

Kind Regards,
Bill Low

Friday 27 March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers, 

As we come to the end of the week I thought I would touch base with you on a couple of matters. 

  • We are well and truly immersed in remote learning for students working at home or attending at School. The very many positive comments from parents about the smoothness of the transition as well as the innovative delivery has been quite inspiring for my staff. Thank you.
  • With regard to students attending on site we are consolidating classes into particular buildings. Years 7 to 12 students will be working in B Block. For Kindergarten to Year 6 students, each year level has been allocated one room to work from. This approach allows us to concentrate our cleaning and hygiene measures into rooms being inhabited by students with most other rooms in the schools being closed. 
  • Staff have been organised into teams where they will generally work from a remote location and attend the school one day a week. All teaching staff are working their normal teaching load whether that be on site or remotely. 
  • Operational staff have been allocated tasks according to their levels of expertise and will work in a combination of remote and onsite. 
  • As Government manages the dynamic nature of this emergency it is quite possible we may need to make further changes to the way we are currently operating. If this occurs I will inform you of any changes immediately. 
  • In order to support the CCGS community with the transition into remote learning we have developed a dedicated section on MyCCGS. The Remote Learning pages ( contain advice and resources for students and parents for promoting wellbeing, establishing routines, understanding requirements and expectations along with support documentation for utilising hardware and software for learning. The Remote Learning pages can be accessed from the Information and Services toolbar on your MyCCGS dashboard via the mobile app or website. Please find attached a helpful visual guide to assist your family during in what could be an extended period.  

Best wishes at this challenging time. 

Kind Regards,
Bill Low

Resource: Wellbeing - learning at home and mental health

Monday 23 March 2020

Dear Parents,

Given the rapidly changing circumstances and advice to schools I wish to advise that CCGS will begin implementing its Learning Continuance Plan from Tuesday 24 March 2020. 

This follows advice from the Prime Minister that all schools were to remain open and then advice from the NSW Premier, which was not totally consistent with this, advising parents to keep children at home but indicating that schools would remain open in some mode of delivery other than face to face teaching. 

For your information CCGS will remain open on the basis of NSW Health advice which has not changed. The expected impact at our school is that student attendance will be significantly reduced and those students who do attend school will have their learning catered for as per our Learning Continuance Plan. The extra hygiene initiatives that we have in place will continue for students attending school and for staff. 

The Learning Continuance Plan

Our Learning Continuance Plan describes how learning will be planned and managed in both K-6 and 7-12. The Plan relies heavily on MyCCGS notifications and class pages as the backbone of the delivery and the Microsoft Teams application will be incorporated for Roll Call and some video conferencing. For student access to Microsoft Teams on your child’s laptop or iPad, either open or download from the app store and then log in with your child’s school credentials. Then select you Roll Call “team”. 

Whilst our teachers have been working very hard to adapt to a more remote style of teaching and learning it must be recognised that face to face teaching is superior to remote learning. It is our intention to progressively embed aspects of wellbeing into our remote learning, however the social interaction that occurs naturally between students and teachers cannot be replicated in remote delivery. We are giving considerable time, energy and thought as to how we might continue to build school community in a vastly changing environment. 

Please be advised that depending on the length of the current arrangements we will continue to innovate with more interesting forms of video conferencing to ensure students remain engaged and motivated. 


MyCCGS will be the source of ongoing communication between teachers, students and parents. The School will use MyCCGS to communicate with you and your child to provide learning activities for him/her to do at home. It is critical that you log in at to make sure you can access these services. To re-set your password, email and you will receive an email during office hours (8am – 4pm) with instructions to re-set your password. 

Guides to Remote Learning

Two information documents have been placed on MyCCGS and sent direct to emails.

  • Years K – 6 Guide to Remote Learning
  •  Years 7 – 12 Guide to Remote Learning

These guides contain information for parents and students around how to set up, structure and monitor the remote learning environment and keep in touch with school staff for support.

Ongoing communication

In the short term we will not issue our usual CCGS Newsletter but I will write to you every week to advise how things are progressing. I will write immediately if there are any significant health updates impacting our community. 

Yours Sincerely,
Bill Low

Wednesday 18 March 2020

COVID-19 -  School Operations

As previously advised, the School continues to follow the advice of the Government and NSW Health Department. Due to the dynamic nature of the situation this advice changes rapidly as new challenges emerge. The school will respond accordingly and in a timely manner if and when new advice emerges.

I would like to clarify our current position. The School is open as usual and all classes are operating as usual following the formal curriculum.

Regarding student attendance, we expect that students will attend unless they are unwell, showing symptoms of the virus or have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for the virus. Where there are particular compassionate reasons relating to a child or family the normal process of speaking with your relevant Head of School continues.

Where students are ill for a legitimate reason, this will be recorded as an approved absence. Where families self-isolate their children for reasons other than above that absence will not be regarded as an approved absence.

In the meantime, we are undertaking a huge amount of work to ensure that in the event the school does need to move to a remote operation, students will receive the best possible support under the conditions.

In the next week I hope to provide you with a detailed briefing of exactly what the school would look like in remote delivery mode and how it would impact your student, whether that be in Junior, Middle or Senior School.

I would publicly like to thank my staff for the amazing care they continue to give to students not only academically but also focusing on their wellbeing during these challenging times.

Monday 16 March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I last wrote to you on 12 March 2020 giving an update of the actions the School had taken in regards to COVID-19. Significant developments occurred over the weekend in relation to limiting community transmission of the virus. A key part of the Government strategy is to “flatten the curve” of confirmed cases so health services can meet the needs of those who require care when they need it. 

The Australian Government has announced all people who arrive in Australia from midnight 15 March 2020 or think they may have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, are required to self-isolate for 14 days. 

The NSW Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, has advised that schools should implement a range of strategies to reduce transmission including:

  • Promoting personal hygiene measures (hand washing, reducing face contact, cough etiquette) 
  • Physical/social distancing
  • Reducing mass gatherings (eg. school assemblies) 
  • Reducing the mixing of students
  • Reducing after school and inter school activities

This morning I have met with my senior staff including Heads and Deputy Heads of School, the Business Manager and Manager of Development and Community Relations to consider the Central Coast Grammar School (CCGS) response to the advice provided by NSW Government Health, Australian Government Department of Health and NSW Government Education. Following this meeting it has been determined the school will adopt an active approach to play its part in limiting transmission of the virus. 


Week 8 
(commencing this week)
Year 8 Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences 
Senior College Assembly
Harmony Day Service
K-6 Assembly
Tabitha Fundraising Dinner

Week 9 
(commencing Monday 23 March)
Year 9 Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences
Junior School Cross Country
Sport presentation evenings
Kindy Explorer Day
Year 4 Camp
Year 12 Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences
House Debating Finals

Week 10 
(commencing Monday 30 March)
Year 11 Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences
Year 6 Camp
Year 11 Leadership Day
Easter School Service
K-2 Assembly
Symphony Central Coast Concert

Week 11 
(commencing Monday 6 April)
Years 7 to 11 Camps
K-2 Camp

Additional activities that have been cancelled with immediate effect until further notice include:

  • All cocurricular clubs and practices (eg. Ensembles, Bands, Choirs, Dance, Drama, Music, Coding, Mock Trial, Debating, Robotics, Chess). Private music tuition will not be affected. 
  • Assemblies, School Service and House Families 
  • CCGS Gym is closed 
  • Sports practice for Junior and ISA sport 
  • Practice for the Senior musical, We Will Rock You 
  • Large staff meetings 
  • Tabitha BBQs 
  • All excursions and incursions 
  • All external bookings of school facilities (including sport and performing arts)

With regard to Parent/Teacher/Student conferences a specific communication will go to parents of each year level indicating they will be invited to communicate to teachers any concerns regarding their child’s progress. Similarly, teachers will communicate any concerns they have about an individual student with the parent. We appreciate students and parents will have some anxiety regarding student assessments and progress in learning and will endeavour to do what we can to ensure these anxieties are minimised. 

I understand these arrangements cause a great deal of inconvenience, however I am confident we will be cohesive as a community in our efforts to reduce transmission and I thank you for your support and support of my staff during these challenging times. 

I assure you as always my priority is the safety and wellbeing of students, staff and community. We will be looking at the specific wellbeing issues posed to our school at this time, especially as a result of a much reduced cocurricular and extra-curricular program. 

I will continue to keep you updated as and when developments occur.  

Kind Regards,
Bill Low

Wellbeing Resources

  • Beyond Blue - Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak
  • Thrive Inside from Smiling Minds
  • School TV - Coronavirus report, a helpful guide for parents 
  • Action for Happiness Coping Calendar - 30 actions to help us take care of ourselves and each other

CCGS families and students can access further resources in our Remote Learning - Wellbeing Strategies toolkits on MyCCGS.

MyCCGS Remote Learning 

Helpful information on working remotely and using MyCCGS and other platforms created for the CCGS community.