At CCGS we encourage every student and family to share the belief that through giving we can together make a significant difference to the lives of others.

There are many ways to give your support.

Students are required to engage in community service. They lead charity appeals for local and national charities like Wrap With Love and White Ribbon. They give of their time to help with events like the Five Lands Walk and the Salvation Army door knock. They work with the Smith Family as reading mentors for younger children struggling with literacy and assist with Sunday lunch for the homeless. There are too many projects to mention them all.

Senior students regularly participate in Relay for Life

The school has a longstanding relationship with Tabitha, raising money and traveling annually to build houses in Cambodia. Over the years relationships have developed with Cambodian organisations like Sunrise Children's Villages and AllKids that have resulted in funding equipment and welcoming Cambodian students and teachers on study tour to CCGS.  

Parents organise and support friend and fundraising events that contribute to the fabric of our learning community in ways that are both tangible and intangible. Parents and past students also assist as coaches for sports or performing arts cocurricular programs.

Our past parent and past student communities continue to support the school in many different ways, passing on the benefits of the education they shared to others in future generations.

Past student Heather Irvine-Rundel speaks at Presentation Night

A significant proportion of parents contribute to the voluntary giving program at the time when they pay their school fees and funds provide equipment and support infrastructure projects. From time to time the school appeals for support to fund major building projects, most recently a Performing Arts Centre in 2014.

Generosity has many forms and we are grateful for every act of kindness, assistance and donation. Such generosity promotes the school’s culture of giving while endorsing our future projects and planning in very tangible ways.