Debating & Public Speaking

Debating and public speaking develops the confidence and ability to present yourself and your ideas in the clearest and brightest light, an attribute that lasts a lifetime.

Right from Kindergarten to Year 12 all students can get involved in inter-house public speaking competition, with inter-house debating starting in Year 6.

Our representative debating squad is open to students from Year 5 through to Year 11. Each team meets in age groups and the squad also works across these years to mentor younger students and assist coaches.

Debating and public speaking is a brilliant opportunity to learn how to be persuasive and convincing, structure your thoughts, think on your feet and stay calm under duress. All this happens in a fun collegial environment beyond the classroom, where life-long friendships are forged.

Debating and public speaking at CCGS

Our squad approach saw CCGS named as the inaugural HICES Champion Debating School in 2015 and retain the title in 2016, based on the number of debates participated and the number won. In 2018, we were named the HICES Champion Debating School again after strong performances from the seven CCGS teams that entered the competition. 

Junior Debating and Public Speaking

Inter-house competitions develop skills K to 4 and from Year 5 the representative squad meets weekly for workshops and competitions and represents CCGS in inter-school, local and state-wide competitions:

  • CCGS inter-house debating and public speaking competitions
  • CCGS debating and public speaking meetings and workshops
  • CCIS debating
  • HICES Debating Competition
  • IPSHA Debating Gala Day
  • Macquarie University Debating
Senior Debating and Public Speaking

The representative squad participates in a wide range of external competitions:

  • Bond University High School Mooting Competition
  • CCGS inter-house debating and public speaking competitions
  • CCGS debating and public speaking workshops
  • CCIS debating
  • HICES Debating Competition  
  • Josie Mitchell Public Speaking Competition
  • Legacy Public Speaking Competition
  • Lions Youth of the Year
  • Macquarie University Debating
  • Mock trial
  • MUNA - Model United Nations Assembly
  • Plain English Speaking Competition
  • Probus Cup Debating Competition