New Junior School

2021 saw the opening of our brand new world-class Junior School campus.

The facility brings together the very best in design for learning to fully support outstanding digital literacy, wellbeing, cocurricular and academic outcomes.

New Junior School will accelerate innovative learning

What's inside?

  • Three buildings, one for each stage (K-2, Y3-4, Y5-6) linked around a central courtyard, with each featuring age appropriate outdoor play zones.
  • Separate neighbourhood and facilities for each year group, with teachers and students visible across light-filled spaces.
  • Connected learning spaces flowing from the inside to the beautiful outside environment, with entire year groups able to come together to share, celebrate and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Flexible furniture and learning spaces that adapt to the learning needs of the moment.
  • A grandstand overlooking the school's 18 hectares of open space which is also used for assemblies and outdoor learning.
  • Integrated learning technology that is instantly available.
See for yourself

Experience the CCGS difference by viewing our interactive 360 virtual tour. 

A dynamic learning environment

Excited students and staff are thrilled with the bright, spacious, flexible rooms, new playgrounds and beautiful landscaping. It's quickly become a place of pride, identity, wellbeing and community.

Share the excitement of the opening day in this video.

Learning in the new school

An amazing team of innovative teachers are unlocking the opportunities created by the design of the new facility.

Next generation learning forms the backbone of teaching throughout the campus, with students encouraged to be actively engaged and empowered in their own learning, fostering crucial skills of resilience and independence.

Neighbourhood spaces bring children together

Teaching programs are guided by real world interests, exploration and curiosity.

A strong sense of connection supports both student and staff wellbeing throughout the new learning environment. Children are given fertile ground to create, connect and contribute.

The visionary campus sharpens our focus on innovation and cutting-edge teaching and learning. Teachers collaborate in teams, within flexible learning spaces that can quickly adapt to the learning needs of the moment.

The new campus is designed to accelerate our vision for next generation learners in a safe, nurturing environment that cares for all.

Next Generation Learning

Imagine the possibilities for your child with these next generation learning characteristics at their fingertips.

global citizen animation

I'm curious. I'm excited by the world around me and my place in it. I'm ready to create solutions that will make a difference to our world.

Animation of collaboration

I love working with different people to create big ideas. I cooperate, listen and respect people's views.

animation of confident learner

I have space to grow and imagine and that makes me feel great. Specialist teachers and aides are there to help me take the next step.

animation of community learner

I'm part of my class, my year group, my school, and the larger community. I belong here and that feels good for my wellbeing.

Animation of creativity

I have skill and imagination to create something new. I have room to grow, to open my mind and tap into my potential.

Animation of critical thinking

I ask questions, look at problems from all angles, come up with solutions and test them out. I'm given freedom and choice and can show my learning in different ways.