Courtney Thompson: Alumni profile

Courtney Thompson (DUX 2012) recently returned to CCGS as a keynote speaker at our 2017 International Women’s Day breakfast. Passionate about women’s equity and equality, Courtney shared some really interesting and thought provoking ideas about how both men and women play a role in female empowerment.  

Courtney Thompson delivers speech
Courtney speaks at the CCGS International Women's Day breakfast (2017)

Courtney is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) and is the President of the University of Sydney Union Board. She also manages the Women’s Portfolio on the Board.

Courtney’s CCGS education encouraged her to find her voice and her calling. “I was so encouraged by the strong female teachers I had at school who were excellent role models, said Courtney.

"In Year 11 I become increasingly interested and passionate about women’s issues and I’ve maintained that passion through to University. I want to provide a platform to bring the very real issues ‘we don’t often talk about’ like feminism and domestic violence, to the fore.”

In 2015, Courtney co-founded fEMPOWER – a volunteer run program of gender equality workshops for high school students. Their workshops help recognise and challenge gender inequality and aims to educate young women and men on feminist issues, ranging from women’s representation in the media to sexual harassment. “The workshops aim to break down harmful stereotypes through the sheer power of education. In the process it gives a voice to the unheard,” said Courtney.