Designing the future | Central Coast Grammar School

Designing the future

Over the past 12 – 18 months CCGS has invested considerable effort in exploring ways to improve the learning environment which define the characteristics of next generation learners and embed the essential digital literacy skills and tools students will require in a more connected and globalised workforce.

Our first project within this enormous task was the refurbishment and redesign of the Kindergarten rooms in 2016 which provide a fun and engaging early learning environment for our youngest students.  The next stage of the project will be the refurbishment and extension of the English and History block (B Block). 

Artist impression of B block extension
Architect rendering of new design

The refurbishment is part of our broader Master Planning process and is not a standalone idiosyncratic approach to classroom renovation, but encompasses purposeful consideration of the size and shape of the school in the years to come. School buildings need to provide the conditions that enable our teachers to deliver, and students to attain, the educational outcomes and goals detailed in our Next Generation Teaching and Learning strategic plan.

English, History, Geography refurbishment and additions

The refurbishment and extension of B Block (English, History, Geography) will commence 18 September 2017 and it’s expected the new facility will be ready for the beginning of the 2018 school year.  Existing classrooms are being purposely re-designed to create innovative learning environments which will provide increased student engagement and independence within a high-tech digital literacy capability.

The rooms will be larger and provide digital collaboration zones, areas for small group learning hubs and capacity for larger classes.  Operable walls will be installed between every second classroom to allow teachers and students to work collaboratively throughout the building.  Classrooms will be larger and take in the current corridors. Café style windows on the ground floor will create a sense of being inside and outside classroom at the same time.

Architect plans for the ground floor refurbishment

A range of furniture from more traditional to soft furnishings and high seats will be incorporated into the building.  A film studio and editing suite will increase opportunities in the area of multi-media tech studies and an awning erected outside the classrooms will provide protection from the weather.  Alongside the refurbishment a two storey extension will be built and will include a new classroom and a History/Geography staffroom, as well as staff amenities and a lift. 

A critical element in the design of the building has been to accommodate Next Generation Teaching and Learning which is a key aspect of our strategic plan - Headmaster, Bill Low.

“Teachers have been undertaking a great deal of professional learning in digital literacy and in Harvard University’s Teaching for Understanding Diploma Course.   These new methodologies are the way of the future world-wide and traditional classrooms inhibit the capacity of teachers to organise learning at the optimum level," said Bill Low.

"This new building will help teachers facilitate current and future learning needs of students.  I am sure you will be excited to see the building completed and there will be an opportunity for all members of the community to have a walk through."