Ethan makes a splash

Ethan Moore (Year 12) has been named in the Australian National Water Polo Squad and while most people are still sound asleep on a Monday morning, he’s on his way to the NSW Institute of Sport in Sydney for training.


Ethan Moore has just been selected into the Australian National Water Polo Squad. Photo Express Advocate

“I wake up at 3 am, three times a week and head down to Sydney for training and then return to the Coast to start the school day,” said Ethan. “On top of that, I also do three swim sessions, a couple of gym sessions and for a bit of fun, I play in a local winter water polo competition on Wednesday nights.”

Ethan’s been playing water polo since he was eight and quickly progressed through the local representative grades. Four years ago, he moved to the University of NSW West Magpies Club to gain more experience, and he hasn’t looked back.

His selection into the national team followed his outstanding display earlier in the year at the National Club Championships in Perth.

“The only people in the crowd were the parents of the players and the Australian coach. I scored five goals in the bronze medal game and afterwards was told I was in the 24-man national squad. I stayed on an extra week in Perth for an intensive training camp which was a fantastic experience.”

Ethan is hoping to make the team that tours Europe in 2018

In April 2018, Ethan will head off to the Australian Institute of Sport for a training camp which will hopefully see him make the team and travel to Europe and the Born 99’ World Championships.

“My big goal is the Olympics. That’s been the dream since the beginning,” said Ethan. “Before water polo, I wanted to go to the Olympics as a swimmer but quickly converted to water polo once I realised I could swim and use a ball at the same time!”

Being so close to my dream now it makes me want it more. I’ve been training with past Olympians and hearing their stories is my inspiration to make it to that level.

Water polo is a physically demanding sport and is not as easy as it looks.

“When I started, the hardest part was staying above water with people jumping on top of me and swimming up and down the pool constantly,” said Ethan. “Now it’s not losing my teeth – it’s still hard dodging the swinging arms! Knowing where everyone is in the pool, remembering all the plays and listening to the calls from the coach and referee also takes practice and development.”

On top of the early morning training, national squad selections and interstate competitions, Ethan is studying his HSC.

“It can be difficult to study, but I find that doing a little bit whenever I can and focusing in class time makes things easier,” said Ethan. “My training routine was a little heavier during the summer, and I was studying on the train most afternoons on my way to club training in Sydney. Although it wasn’t ideal carrying all my books around, it did make for good leg exercise because my bag was so heavy!”