Hello Comrades! We farewell Mr Gill

Mr Steve Gill - History CCGS

After 39 years of teaching and inspiring the historians of the future, Steve Gill reflects on his time at CCGS, the teaching profession and shares some of the lessons he's learned. 

You’ve been at CCGS since 1987 and teaching since 1981. In your opinion what has changed the most in teaching and what remains the same?
The greatest change is the access to, and usage of technology, which can be positive and negative. One of the things that remains the same is the importance of establishing a respectful, positive hardworking and engaging environment where the students can grow and learn. The other thing that hasn’t changed is the teacher’s need for detailed knowledge and understanding of syllabus requirements, subject content and skill development.

What has been the highlight of your CCGS days?
There have been many. The great staff I have worked with over the years, the many students I have enjoyed teaching, coaching and managing different sports and the many laughs with students in my classes. 

What’s one lesson you’ve learnt from your students? 
To always keep an open mind and be flexible when needed.

What do you think is the most important subject students learn today and why? 
HISTORY because it promotes critical thinking, detailed analysis of evidence and encourages great writing skills which are all vital in the real world. It allows vibrant discussion and debate where opposing perspectives are tolerated when they are backed up with evidence.

What advice do you have for new teachers?
Be consistent with your behaviour management, give lots of verbal and written feedback, earn respect by being a positive role model, listen and learn from experienced colleagues. Be hardworking, passionate about your subject and most of all, have FUN with your students. Let the students see that you enjoy what you do.

What will you miss most about CCGS?
Teaching, talking about History, staff banter and engaging with students.

What does the ‘next chapter’ hold for you?
Many jobs that my wife (the former Soviet wrestler) has for me to do around the house. I'll go to the beach to bodysurf (where I promise to avoid Japanese whaling vessels) and catch lots of bream, flathead and flounder. I also am looking forward to reading more History books and journals so that when I meet any of my former students I will still be able to converse in 'History talk' with them.

I would like to thank the past and present CCGS community for so many great memories. I will leave you with my favourite History joke;

Q: What do you call Karl Marx’s grave?
A: A communist plot!