Languages Week

Languages Week at CCGS

CCGS's inaugural Language Week was a huge success!

Middle School and Senior College students had great fun celebrating languages and cultures through games, crafts, cooking and fun activities.

Throughout the week, an amazing range of activities helped excite curious language learners.

A cultural celebration

The school immersed itself in Chinese, French and Japanese culture, expressions, games and arts.

Mr Aaron McLuckie, Head of Languages at CCGS said, "We wanted to provide students with an opportunity to see what Languages is all about -  a chance to immerse themselves in different cultures and discover something new and exciting."

Languages Week gave students the chance to enjoy some of the arts - origami, calligraphy, anime drawings, Monet and Matisse painting and Chinese opera. Students also engaged in cultural games and activities like the popular Chinese game of jianzi and Japanese kendama.

Language of Love

Junior School students also shared their love for languages. Each student translated the word 'Love' into a different language. The 'love' translation was written on a heart and turned into a giant art display joining all the languages of the world. 

Language of Love at CCGS

What's a celebration without food?

Year 8 students practised their culinary and language skills whilst participating in a cooking incursion. Under the instruction of Italian Head Chef Luca Roncari, students learnt how to make crêpes, yaki udon and pork dumplings!

A fabulous Language Food Fair gave students the chance to sample dumplings, croissants and yakisoba in exchange for a donation to the Indian Red Cross.

Language Food Fair at CCGS

Parlez-vous français?

Students studying HSC French Beginners and Continuous welcomed other French language students to the School. Around 25 students across five local High Schools joined in French conversation, providing an opportunity to practise French-speaking skills in the lead up to the HSC.

Staying connected, while remaining apart

While international travel may be off-limits for now, that did not stop students from staying connected with our friends overseas. Japanese students took time to make connections with sister school, Ueda Nishi. CCGS students were tested on their culinary knowledge of Japanese cuisine giving everyone a chance to practise their non-native tongue.

Learning a language opens up a new world. Mr McLuckie added, "Seeing students celebrating and accepting cultural differences - that's what made the week really special."

We were delighted to see so many students discover something new about different countries and their culture. You can go behind the scenes of Languages Week by following our Instagram story.