Students use smart phones to showcase Shakespeare | Central Coast Grammar School

Smart phones used to showcase Shakespeare

We have a swimming carnival and an athletics carnival, so for those with a love of words why not embrace a Shakespeare carnival?  

That’s exactly what a group of Year 9 students did after entering into the Sport for Jove’s third annual Shakespeare Carnival.

Held at a school, regional and state level, the competition encourages students to develop their artistic, academic and personal skills.

For the first time in the competition’s history, a Smart Phone Short Film category was opened enticing 11 students to take on the challenge of creating an original film inspired by the works of Shakespeare.

Students diligently gave up their lunchtimes to collaborate, storyboard and brainstorm their plotlines before spending time in the school holidays to film and edit their videos. New filming skills were developed along with a deeper appreciation of the man widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language.

Planning gets underway

Their hard work paid off with the two groups making it to the Regional Shakespeare Carnival with their films 'All the World's a Stage' and 'Romeo and Juliet: Tragedy or Irony'.  Interesting characterisation and a unique interpretation of a classic Shakespeare play were favoured by judges over fancy costuming and sets. From there ‘Romeo and Juliet: Tragedy or Irony’ successfully made it to the state championship which was held in Sydney.

Judges were very impressed with the work, stating there was a clever use of dialogue, great setting choice and a unique take on Shakespeare's afterlife.

Take a look at their film to see their great work in action: