Students connect over craft

The bright colourful pom-poms that adorn the clothing of Miss Voni Howard, our Deputy Head of Junior School, has been a source of intrigue for our junior school students.

Connecting with friends in a creative space has attracted a large number of students to lunchtime craft clubs.

Interested in these vibrant little balls of wool and keen to add more pom-poms to Miss Howard’s wardrobe, students took the initiative to start a lunchtime craft club making pom-poms which attracted over 100 students in the first session!

“We’ve found that students have a real desire to use their hands and to be in a dedicated space where they can craft,” said Voni.

“They’re teaching themselves how to make the pom-poms from scratch, including making their own templates and choosing their own colours. It’s wall-to-wall wool and very busy, but such a great atmosphere for them to take some time out, get creative with their hands and bond with their mates."