Tournament of Minds Honours for an outstanding performance

Central Coast Grammar School receive Honours from Tournament of Minds

Imagine being presented with a challenge – a complex moral or ethical issue that challenges the world. Now imagine you have to solve that problem through the arts. You need to present your solution through drama.

That’s exactly what a group of six students from Years 7 to 10 did recently in the Tournament of Minds competition. Adding to the complexity of the challenge the team also had to create and build their own costumes and sets, learn their lines and work out how to present their ‘solution’ all confined within a 3 metre x 3 metre square. And finally they had to act it out within a 10 minute time limit!

The lasting legacy of Inclusion

Under the category of Social Science, the team were given the following scenario:

“A global inclusion event is being hosted in the near future, the organisation committee has organised a campaign to get as many people to come along and join this event; however, for different reasons, not everyone wants to participate”. 

The team had to choose a country, real or imaginary, and outline their reason for not participating in this ‘Inclusion Event’. Why haven’t they engaged in the event? What is the consequence of this? What is the lasting legacy of Inclusion that arises from this decision?

Jacob Ramirez, Year 8 student explained:

“We created a country in the Bermuda Triangle, called ‘The North-West Bermuda Triangle’. We decided the citizens of this country were completely excluded from the outside world. Their only connection to the other humans are scraps of aircraft wreckages that have floated past them. Then one day, they receive a broadcast signal. They see a transmission of an ad. It's a campaign for a World Inclusion Event encouraging people to participate.”

Jenna Watkins in Year 10 added, “The World Inclusion Event campaigners tell the people of The North-West Bermuda Triangle that their lifestyle is way too different from the rest of the world. The citizens need to determine the impact of their actions if they attend. What will or could happen to them? What would the benefits of attending be? In the end, the people of the North West Bermuda Triangle choose not to reveal themselves. They are afraid of being ridiculed and excluded by the rest of the world.”

Honours awarded for outstanding performance

Students also had to respond to a spontaneous challenge with only five minutes of preparation time allowed. And the judges were impressed. CCGS were awarded an Honours in the Regional Finals for the Hunter Region for their outstanding performance.

Social issues explored through creativity and collaboration

Tournament of Minds grows with success each year at Central Coast Grammar School. It gives rise to new members and farewells the Seniors from the year before.

Jacob said, “Each year we develop and grow new skills that we can apply to our school work and other co-curricular activities. We work on vital teamwork skills and communication and our interaction with a range of grade levels is increased with our participation. We challenge our creativity and ask ourselves questions to find solutions to the problems we are faced with.”

Jenna added, “There are so many benefits to Tournament of Minds. The overall experience is so much fun, we get to be creative, collaborate and be dramatic in order to present our solution.”

Congratulations to our 2019 Tournament of Minds team. 

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