CCGS joins national wellbeing program URSTRONG

CCGS has joined a global community of schools working with URSTRONG, a wellbeing organisation with a goal to help empower students with key friendship skills.

Targeting Junior School students, the URSTRONG framework will help students learn what's normal in friendship, the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships and how to stand up for themselves with kid-friendly concepts.

We kicked off our URSTRONG program with a full day dedicated to friendship. Students in Years K to 4 were also invited to bring a soft toy from home for the day to help them take part in some role-playing activities. URSTRONG ambassador Oscar the Monkey showed students how to 'talk it out' through hilarious fun and games. 

Everyone walked away learning that no friendship or relationship is perfect and there are sure to be some bumps along the way. Over the coming weeks, a weekly friendship focus will help students reflect on what they have learned to create healthy and feel-good friendships, reinforcing key skills and friendship language amongst students and staff.

Mr Craig Morrison, Director of Wellbeing K to 6 said, "Wellbeing is a key focus area in our strategic plan, including empowering students to meet challenges, enabling students to use their social and emotional skills to be respectful, resilient and safe. The workshops were a very hands-on and highly entertaining way to introduce students and teachers to the strategies and skills at the core of our URSTRONG program.”

Our junior wellbeing program is designed to help your child gain a strong sense of identity from their earliest years. Find out more.