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Ms Denise McDonough
After 45 years of service to education, Ms Denise McDonough, Head of Senior College, retires. Denise reflects on the education industry, her time at CCGS and has one final piece of advice for students.
Class of 2019
The first year out of school can often throw up the unexpected once bell times, class schedules and teachers no longer call the tune. But for the class of 2019, this first year out was particularly challenging as many had to radically rethink their plans in the pandemic environment.
CCGS turns 35
Central Coast Grammar School is a relatively young school, however our proud history is extraordinarily rich. In a special 35 year celebration, some of the individuals significant in the school’s early history have come together to make a video that reflects on those founding years.
CCGS alumni Emily Dufton
Emily Dufton (2007) took her love of writing and let it guide her path. As a result her career has seen her meet the British Prime Minister while at The Telegraph in London, score loads of freebies as a lifestyle journalist and now she’s finding creative ways to make conservation and science cool for the masses.
CCGS alumni David Barrow
David Barrow (2003) is so passionate about the common good and using his education, skills and privilege to make society a better place that he made community organizing his vocation.
CCGS alumni Alison Taylor
Alison Taylor (2002) has combined her expert knowledge in the area of exercise and sports science with her personal experiences in becoming a mother, to launch Healthy Bumps - a specialty platform of classes run by Exercise Physiologists for women both during their pregnancies and in the weeks that follow.
CCGS Alumni Imogen Hogan
Imogen Hogan (2007) is passionate about the law, particularly representing and giving voices to those who are among the most disadvantaged in our community. Her strong interest in social justice and passion for writing and public speaking was sparked at CCGS and set the course for her future career path.
CCGS Alumni Tracy Margieson
A career path that includes roles in event management and starting her own theatre production and tour management company with her husband, Tracy now leads the Arts Wellbeing Collective, a sector-wide initiative promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the performing arts industry.
CCGS Alumni Alyssa Salvo
Alyssa’s dream career was to become a feature writer for a magazine. After a host of magazine internships and a 3-year Journalism degree, she graduated right as the magazine industry folded. This became Alyssa’s blessing in disguise.
CCGS Alumni Bryce Mullens
CCGS alumni Bryce Mullens (2014) is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, working in the School of Chemistry’s Functional Energy Materials division.
CCGS Alumni Josh Pascoe
CCGS alumni Josh Pascoe (2003) has had what he calls a non-stereotypical career path. He is proof that there are many different ways to build a career and find your passion.
Mr Steve Gill - History - CCGS
After 39 years of teaching and inspiring the historians of the future, Steve Gill reflects on his time at CCGS, the teaching profession and shares some of the lessons he's learned.