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Ethan Moore (Year 12) has just made the national water polo team.
A calligraphy workshop enhances Japanese language lessons.
Our school Psychologist and Kindergarten Year Leader share some tips for managing the transition to big school.
Here's some advice from our Head of Middle School about how to tackle this tricky stage of life.
It's pom-pom pandemonium as lunchtime craft sessions attract big student numbers.
Jim, Bill and Michael have remained firm friends since leaving school. Read what they're up to now.
Courtney's challenging gender stereotypes and campaigning for equality as President of the Sydney Uni Student Union.
Christian's in good stead for a life in politics.
Get to know CCGS band The Volpes - you'll be seeing a lot more of them!
Only 10 Aussie girls will receive a sports scholarship at Marshall University, USA and Laura is one of them!
Girls basketball bounces back!
Senior Drama students tackle big themes in The Great Gatsby.