Speaker Bios: Technology

Damon Cooper, Director of Teaching and Learning at CCGS, talks to experts about managing the benefits and risks of technology at home and at school.


Speaker Bios

Dr Kristy Goodwin
Dr Kristy Goodwin

Kristy is an expert on the impact of technology on children’s health, learning and development. A digital wellbeing and productivity researcher, speaker, author and consultant, she is passionate about providing research-based, yet realistic advice and strategies, so we can use technology in productive and purposeful ways and counteract its negative consequences.

Gavin Summers, Director of Innovative Learning and Digital Literacy, CCGS
Gavin Summers

Gavin is the Director of Innovative Learning & Digital Literacy (K-12) at Central Coast Grammar School. He is responsible for developing whole school digital literacy skills and capabilities and supporting the effective use of technology in the classroom. He is a parent of four young children and is passionate about ensuring that young people are best prepared for the digital world around them.