Our learning community is united in its ethos and expectation that every student will achieve their academic potential and experience a holistic education in an industrious and supportive environment.

Established in 1985, Central Coast Grammar School is a non-selective, independent day school for girls and boys from Kindergarten to Year 12, at the heart of our community at Erina Heights on the Central Coast.

We're governed by a Board of nine expert volunteers and guided by our strategic plan, Striving for Excellence 2021-2025.

Our aspiration for our graduates

We've been educating tomorrow's thought leaders, creators and community achievers since 1985, now under the leadership of our fourth Headmaster Phil O'Regan since 2024. This is our aspiration for our graduates:

Our graduates will be mature and articulate global citizens.

They will have maximised their potential and have been exposed to a wide variety of academic and cocurricular opportunities.

They will have developed into confident, caring and well-balanced young adults.

Our graduates will be able to thrive in a rapidly changing world through their collaborative skills, technological competence, enterprising spirit and capacity for innovation.

Kindness and respect are core values which underpin the school's ethos at CCGS.
Kindness and respect are core values which underpin the school's ethos.

We’re a truly independent, not for profit, non-denominational institution, offering a values rich education. 

So what does our school believe in? This is a community of respect: self-respect, respect for others and respect for the school. The most essential standard of behaviour is that all members of the community will treat one another with kindness, honour and respect in all situations and this is reflected in our core values:

  • Kindness
  • Inclusivity
  • Gratitude
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility

Central Coast Grammar School’s Founding Charter was ‘to be a place of honest endeavour, striving to meet the individual needs of its pupils, and drawing out from them their best efforts in the varied fields in which their talents lie’.

Today we’ve earned our reputation as the flagship educational institution within the Central Coast region. Our mission remains the same: ‘Striving for excellence in all endeavours in a happy, caring and supportive environment.’


Our motto is Vita et Scientia – Life and Knowledge.  Our tree emblem represents the intertwining of the trees of life and knowledge and our leafy environment. We prepare our next generation learners for a life of learning.