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Next Generation Learners need a place that inspires their thinking whilst challenging their growing minds every day. CCGS has some of Australia’s newest facilities teamed with a world-class vision. Explore our dynamic learning environment.

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Educational Excellence
Students in class
Every student can achieve their academic potential

Excellent relationships across our learning community unite students, parents and teachers in high expectations. Our expert teachers adopt evidence based strategies and embrace continual professional development.

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Balanced Education
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A strong sense of belonging is at the heart of a CCGS education

Our Wellbeing programs provide a safe, healthy and caring learning environment and our extensive cocurricular programs motivate students to tap their potential.

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Inspiring Facilities
Junior School opening in 2021 at CCGS
Our spacious school environment symbolises freedom and opportunity

Up to date, quality facilities support extended academic, physical and social development and inspire enthusiasm for learning.

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Next Generation Learning
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Critical and creative thinkers, independent learners, problem solvers...

We systematically teach the life skills and learning characteristics necessary to participate, contribute and prosper in society.

Join us in Year 5

A launch pad for your child’s journey beyond primary school. There's time and space to form friendships, develop strong study habits and try out new cocurricular clubs before the move up to Senior School. 

First weeks of Kindergarten

We caught up with some of our Kindergarten students to find out more about their first term at CCGS.

New Junior School K to 6 Facility Opening in 2021

Our new Junior School campus will open in 2021. Providing K to 6 with world-class next generation learning facilities, this innovative and groundbreaking learning environment will be a centre of excellence for the region.

Performing Arts Collaboration - INXS 'Never Tear Us Apart'

Featuring the many talents of CCGS students - from dance to drums, choirs and cellos and so much more.

Next Generation Learners Showcase Day

Parents and families from Kindergarten to Year 6 were invited to open classrooms to experience and see our next generation learners in action.