Next Generation Learners need a place that inspires their thinking whilst challenging their growing minds every day. CCGS has some of Australia’s newest facilities teamed with a world-class vision. Explore our dynamic learning environment!

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Educational Excellence
Striving for educational excellence at CCGS
Every student can achieve their academic potential

Excellent relationships across our learning community unite students, parents and teachers in high expectations. Our expert teachers adopt evidence based strategies and embrace continual professional development.

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Extensive cocurricular programs
A strong sense of belonging is at the heart of a CCGS education

Our wellbeing programs provide a safe, healthy and caring learning environment and our extensive cocurricular programs motivate students to tap their potential.

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Inspiring Facilities
New Junior School 2021
Our spacious school environment symbolises freedom and opportunity

Up to date, quality facilities support extended academic, physical and social development and inspire enthusiasm for learning.

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Next Generation Learning
Generation of new learners at CCGS
Critical and creative thinkers, independent learners, problem solvers...

We systematically teach the life skills and learning characteristics necessary to participate, contribute and prosper in society.

A community where everyone belongs

Resilience, leadership and interpersonal skills. Learn more about student wellbeing at CCGS.

Let's Get Social

1 Today is a very special day at CCGS. It's Sunny's birthday! Our favourite furry friend is two today. She celebrated with a special party in the Year 5 neighbourhood area, a yummy mince cake and a new crocodile squeaky toy. Happy Birthday, Sunny. We are so happy that you are part of our community. You bring sunshine and smiles wherever you go. . . . . . . . . . #centralcoastgrammarschool #centralcoastnsw #wellbeing #dogsinschools #birthdayparty
0 Jamnesty exploded onto the Performing Arts stage last Friday with incredible performances ranging from improvised guitar battles to original compositions! All with an important message in mind - to support two @amnestyaustralia causes -students raised almost $600 and generated signatures for two worthwhile petitions all in the name of rock and roll. Thank you to our Amnesty International student group, all performers on the night, the mosh pit banging audience and a special CONGRATULATIONS to "The Teddy Bears" who won the most popular act as voted on by the audience. ROCK ON! 🤘 - Photos taken by the rocking Maddy and Logan from the CCGS Visual Media team - . . . . . . . . . . #centralcoastgrammarschool #centralcoastnsw #musicforacause #amnestryinternational #studentaction #stopdiscrimination #afghanwomen #prevent #indigenousdeaths #incustody
0 Today we recognised @internationalwomensday_global to help embrace equity and forge a world of inclusiveness and respect. Last Friday we started with a Senior College breakfast where CCGS alumnae, Sophie Bonnette and students spoke passionately about issues like the gender pay gap. Today Year 10 Grevilleans held a senior school pancake breakfast to raise funds for @bkfa.au and students wore purple to show their support for an equal world for all. Happy International Women's Day to all. . . . . . . . . . #centralcoastgrammarschool #centralcoastnsw #internationalwomensday2023 #internationalwomensday❤️ #embraceequity #embraceequality #ccgsalumni
0 Our international exchange students have arrived and we couldn't be more excited // Lockdowns and travel restrictions put a stop to international tours. But now we are back! And this time, it's bigger than ever. Students from sister school Ueda Nishi, Japan are already marking their mark on our community and settling in well. Today the Headmaster gave them all CCGS hats to keep them sun safe and they fired up the BBQ Aussie style. . . . . . . . . . #centralcoastgrammarschool #centralcoastnsw #internationalexchange #uedanishi #uedanishihighschool #japan #friendships #s#sisterschool
0 A brilliant day of positive action for our first-ever big school cleanup // Students from Years 1 to 12 worked in House Family groups to pick up any litter on the school grounds in support of @cleanupaustralia. Headmaster, Mr Low challenged every student to pick up at least one piece of rubbish. From the very top of the school, all the way to the bottom of the cricket and rugby fields, students and staff covered an 18-hectare area! There was a great community spirit and a real sense of achievement. We're still calculating all the data but looks like the Number 1 item found was single-use plastic. Our CCGS environmental action group will be digging deep into the data and developing solutions for us all to reduce, reuse and recycle. Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm. . . . . . . . . . . . #schoolscleanupday2023 #schoolscleanup #schoolscleanupday #cleanupaustraliaday #cleanupaustraliaday2023 #centralcoastgrammarschool #positiveaction #respect #responsibility #protecttheenvironment #pickuplitter