Next Generation Learners need a place that inspires their thinking whilst challenging their growing minds every day. CCGS has some of Australia’s newest facilities teamed with a world-class vision. Explore our dynamic learning environment!

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Educational Excellence
Striving for educational excellence at CCGS
Every student can achieve their academic potential

Excellent relationships across our learning community unite students, parents and teachers in high expectations. Our expert teachers adopt evidence based strategies and embrace continual professional development.

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Holistic Education
Extensive cocurricular programs
A strong sense of belonging is at the heart of a CCGS education

Our Wellbeing programs provide a safe, healthy and caring learning environment and our extensive cocurricular programs motivate students to tap their potential.

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Inspiring Facilities
New Junior School 2021
Our spacious school environment symbolises freedom and opportunity

Up to date, quality facilities support extended academic, physical and social development and inspire enthusiasm for learning.

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Next Generation Learning
Generation of new learners at CCGS
Critical and creative thinkers, independent learners, problem solvers...

We systematically teach the life skills and learning characteristics necessary to participate, contribute and prosper in society.

Scholarships 2024

Talent elevator open now. Applications open for our Music, Academic and All Rounder scholarship opportunities for students entering Year 5 and 7 in 2024.

Let's Get Social

0 🎓 YEAR 6 FAREWELL🎓 Today Year 6 students celebrated their finals days in Junior School with a big party! Light-up dance floors, some very loud tunes and plenty of moves. We wish them all the best and can't wait to see them thrive in Middle School next year! . . . . . . . . . . . #centralcoastgrammarschool #centralcoastnsw #year6graduation #year6farewell #year6party
1 A fantastical Fairytale Day for Kindergarten and a sprinkling of fairy dust in the air! From pirates to Pinocchio, princesses to the three little pigs (and a big bad wolf), we have had the best magical day ever. Thank you to everyone who was able to come and watch our parade! . . . . . . . . . . #centralcoastgrammarschool #centralcoastnsw #pirates #princesses #fairytaleday #kindergarten
4 Congratulations to two of our wonderful teachers, Mrs Allyson McNally and Mr Robert Littlefield, who were honoured at the Independent Sporting Association (ISA) annual awards for their long-term service and commitment to the ISA. We are very proud of everything they have done to support hockey and tennis programs across the independent schooling sector. Congrats! . . . . . . . . #centralcoastgrammar #nswindependentschools #commitment #service #centralcoastnsw
0 It’s been a week of fun at CCGS for International Games Week culminating in a chess showdown - Staff vs Students. It was an intense and highly pressured battle to see who would take home the victory (and uphold their reputations!). And the winner was ‘The Staff’ who won 14 games vs ‘The Students’ 11.5. Go Staff! Until next year… . . . . . . . . #centralcoastgrammarschool #centralcoastnsw #internationalgamesweek #internationalgamesdayatthelibrary #chessgame #checkmate
1 And the winning House for 2022 is...drum roll please... Congratulations Ironbark for winning the Champion House and House Spirit Cup 2022. A huge thank you to all students for your participation, enthusiasm, and always giving your best. We are proud of you all! #centralcoastgrammarschool #centralcoastnsw #housespirit #housecup #championhouse