Next Generation Learners

At CCGS, education is guided by real world interests, exploration, curiosity and experimentation. We provide a space where learners can work and discover together. 

We systematically develop cutting edge facilities and next generation learning characteristics necessary for students to participate, contribute and prosper.

At the heart of our strategic plan, our next generation learning characteristics support academic performance and have been identified by employers and tertiary education programs as necessary for young people to be fully prepared for success in society.

Next Generation Learners characteristics:

  • Collaboration
  • Criticial and creative thinking
  • Citizenship
  • Digital literacy
  • Communication
  • Character
  • Adaptability
  • Active learning

Next generation learners at CCGS

Our teachers work together to create a contemporary learning community which empowers students to engage, contribute and innovate. Our common language and strategies make sure the next generation learning characteristics are explicitly taught in an age appropriate way throughout the school. 

CCGS is part of the AISNSW (Association of Independent Schools) Designing for Deep Learning Project. We collaborate with a network of schools to investigate current research and world best practice for developing next generation learning, teaching and assessment. We have also been recognised by the University of Cambridge for our cutting-edge approach to next generation learning.

Next Generation Learners at CCGS show empathy and understanding

The opening of our new next generation Junior School and Senior College in 2021 further enhanced our commitment to next generation learning and wellbeing.