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Imagine being presented with a challenge – a complex moral or ethical issue that challenges the world you live in. Now imagine you had to solve that problem through the arts. You need to present your solution through drama. That’s exactly what a group of six students from Years 7 to 10 did recently in Tournament of Minds.
triple j radio presenter, entertainer, comedian. Bryce Mills (2012) shares his journey to broadcasting, the Sydney Comedy Festival and interviewing the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP. Bryce shows us that persistence and creating opportunities for yourself is key.
At the heart of CCGS’s strategic plan is Next Generation Learners, education guided by real world interests, curiosity and experimentation. But how does this translate in terms of the classroom and how does this prepare students for the world that lies ahead? We head into Junior School to see NGL in action.
A love for all things rubbish. James Lawson (1992) loves everything there is to love about waste. From recycling to building a circular economy, James' passion for sustainable waste management has seen him travel the globe, become a Churchill Fellow, lead local council waste management plans and win leadership awards.
Wellbeing. In today’s busy modern and rapidly changing world, emotional wellness is just as important as academics. That’s why student wellbeing is a core focus of CCGS’s Next Generation Teaching and Learning Strategic Plan.
A jazz scholarship, wins at Sydney Eisteddfod and the coveted Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra Players’ award. CCGS musicians continue to impress and delight.
CCGS values in action. We shine a light on our 15 year relationship with Sunday Lunches, a community initiative providing meals to people who may be experiencing loneliness, unemployment or homelessness.
One of the first Year 12 graduates of CCGS, Annette Low (née Turner) (1986) has carved an incredible and diverse career. From working at peak lobby groups in Canberra to an incredible 25 year journey in environmental and outdoor education, Annette's unique program has inspired hundreds of students to be leaders in sustainable design.
CCGS commitment to next generation learning continues with the construction of a new K to 6 junior school which will accelerate the school’s capacity to deliver innovative and forwarding thinking education at the heart of its strategic plan.
Strategic defence, security studies, co-editor and the Canberra Youth Orchestra. Liam Brewin-Higgins (2015) shares his passion for music, language, culture and the Korean war.
“My left brain is stronger than my right”; “I’m a visual learner”; “Did you know we don’t even use 90% of our brain?” In this blog, we seek to bust three common learning myths and help put the learning record straight.
Viruses, infectious diseases and the Sydney Morning Herald. Caitlin Abbott (2011) shares her passion for microscopy with her ability to communicate the complex by breaking down intellectual silos.