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Initially unsure what career path she wanted to take post school and choosing what she describes as the ‘safest bet’, Nicole Doyle is now following her talents and passion and has launched her own business, Acacia Floral Designs.
A great night for the class of 1998.
After first visiting Cambodia as part of the CCGS Humanitarian Tour in 2009, Sophie Cox has returned to intern at the United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials.
Our Director of Teaching and Learning, Damon Cooper shares his insights into why understanding is the key to learning.
Learning is a dynamic and immersive experience at CCGS, with a comprehensive Digital Technologies course designed to demystify complex concepts and build skills that reflect real world practices.
Over 40 schools, 1400 students and 500 debates made up this year’s HICES Debating Competition where the CCGS squad was named Champion Debating School for 2018.
A first of its kind production, CCGS's senior musical production of Oliver had audiences wanting more.
After completing a Bachelor of Music, then a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management, Kieran Fiatarone took a trip to Italy where he became inspired to start his own farm. He's recently established his own business, Fiatarone Farms, on the Central Coast.
Year 9 students created clever video interpretations of Shakespeare classics for the Shakespeare School Carnival.
Clare Richmond is a specialist doctor with the Sydney Helicopter Emergency Medical Service. In her spare time, she’s studying to be a yoga teacher and was featured in a Sydney Opera House video about inspiring young girls around the world to reach their potential.
New skills, close bonds and a whole lot of fun was had by the budding artists who took part in the first-ever Parent and Child Art Club.
Following his passion and taking a leap of faith has seen CCGS alumni Tim Coulson build an enviable career as an internationally sought-after professional photographer.