Educational Excellence

We aim for educational excellence and our goal is that every student can achieve their academic potential.

Excellent relationships across our learning community unite students, parents and teachers in high expectations.

This cohesive learning culture means that curriculum and teaching can be delivered at a higher level with less disruption because our students feel academic work is useful and relevant. When learners interact at this higher level they motivate each other to aspire.

We are not an academically selective school, though we have students achieving at the very highest level. We simply expect that every student will reach their academic potential.


excellence in teaching at central coast grammar school, nsw


Excellent teaching is fundamental. 

We've implemented Teaching for Understanding a practical framework of education developed by Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education. This type of teaching is a simple, flexible and powerful way of re-structuring learning to focus on understanding, and is driven by the belief that if understanding is the focus of education then knowing and doing will follow. It’s used by schools globally and nationally with a long history of evidence-based success.

In this article, our Director of Teaching and Learning, Damon Cooper talks about the importance of understanding in lifelong learning.

Meet our teachers and explore our next generation learning characteristics to understand how we teach and learn at CCGS.

Balanced education

Of course a CCGS education adds up to so much more than can be measured by academic performance. Explore the balanced education and cocurricular opportunities that make learning at CCGS so holistic and motivating for students of all abilities.


Dynamic improvement

Always forward. We challenge ourselves. We celebrate and replicate our success. We diagnose and rectify our weaknesses. Our school improvement plans grow out of teacher appraisal and our strategic goals. We use academic data to analyse past performance and adopt evidence based strategies to plan for improved academic performance.