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Watch this beautiful performing arts collaboration between eight students and their teachers.
It's a tradition that Kindergarten decorate our tree. They did a great job!
The school community said thank you to staff in the form of fresh flowers, fabulous food and fine coffee!
It's Fairytale Day and Kindy are ready to slay some dragons, nab a prince and face the Wicked Witch!
5 old boys relived their CCGS basketball days when they gave team shirts to the Firsts.
Foundation Day is a CCGS tradition. We raised over $1,500 for charity and foundation teacher, Ken Gross,...
The sun was shining, the rides were spinning and the snags were sizzling all down at the fair!
Junior school students celebrate our multicultural society and their place in it.
Our first Science Expo developed passion, knowledge and excitement for Science!
It takes so much work by students to bring a huge production like Beauty and the Beast to the stage.
Miss Saunders has a dream to inspire students' creativity in both design and problem-solving.
The Crew go behind the scenes at camp and find out what students most enjoy.