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Promoting our school's involvement in Youth In Performing Arts 2019, Year 10 students made an appearance...
How big do you want your child's world to be? Estelle's Mum shares her story.
If you could fast forward through your child's first 6 years of learning, what would their journey be?
See the vibrant faces of Harmony Day, a celebration of the cultural diversity in our school.
Max’s journey through junior school gave him many opportunities, including the opportunity to give back.
Lana reflects on her journey through junior school.
Hear Mitch reflect on his journey through senior school and the confidence he developed.
Year 11 and 12 Dance students' enjoy their first classes in CCGS's new state-of-the-art dance studio.
CCGS parents and students reflect on their Senior School experience.
CCGS parents reflect on their child's Junior School experience.
See HSC drama students perform their OnSTAGE nominated performance, 'Australia's Great War'.
Year 10 students tackle the Raw Challenge obstacle course with determination and team work.