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As your children begin to identify more with peers than parents you need to be confident that they’re in the best environment to thrive and succeed.

A holistic education at CCGS will keep them energised, involved and motivated to reach their personal and academic potential. CCGS is the only private school on the Central Coast that offers a values rich education without affiliation to any religious bodies.

It’s a critical time as students lay the foundations for the journey towards adulthood and then emerge as young adults with the character, confidence and credentials to choose their career post school. Middle School (Years 7 to 9) sees students through adolescence and Senior College (Years 10 to 12) nurtures emerging young adults.

A new Senior College facility was opened in April 2021, creating a sophisticated and supportive home for emerging adults as they prepare for life beyond school.


Starting High School at CCGS

Get Year 7 Ready

Our senior school offers more opportunity, more room to grow and a more stimulating program to keep students safe and switched on to learning through these complicated senior years. Your son or daughter will receive a warm welcome and find their place alongside continuing Year 6 students who are also looking for new friends, new interests and new challenges.

Find out more about starting high school in Year 7.

Middle School (Years 7-9)

The wellbeing and happiness of students in their early years of senior school is critical if they are to reach their potential. 

It’s a formative time with lots of changes in bodies and emotions, friendships and interests. The Middle School team nurtures students through this developmental stage, building self-belief and a positive self-image. They’re allowed to stumble and get stronger. They know they’re respected and valued as individuals. We want them to love school and find their passion.

A wide range of Year 9 electives and character building community service opportunities expands their horizon and prepares them for the academic challenges of Senior College. 

Middle School at Central Coast Grammar School


Senior College (Years 10 to 12)

In Senior College we continue to develop the personal attributes of understanding, honesty and integrity, individual and team effort. We value diversity, respect for others and authority, and commitment to family and community life. We want students to be excited about life and setting goals for lifelong learning.

When students step-up to Senior College they become bigger people, bigger role models. They’re engaged and vital participants in the school community and are a very active part of making the CCGS culture.

Learning comes in a variety of forms - social, physical, emotional, spiritual and academic. The journey of self-discovery is as vital as learning the prescribed curriculum and plays a significant role in enhancing the values that continue to influence our choices and direction.

Senior College students at Central Coast Grammar School

Motivational seminars encourage students to reflect on their approach to study, to hold a vision and to lead, as well as respect and encourage those around them who are on the same rigorous academic journey.  

We prepare our students to approach their final exams connected and supportive of each other, with a serious and practical confidence that only comes from knowing that they have prepared well and have honestly done their best.

Our students are particularly friendly and respectful. I always feel a sense of pride and mutual respect when I am in their company. They leave us strong, lovely young people.

Steven Bennett, Deputy Headmaster

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House Coordinators will be your child’s ‘guardian angels’ in terms of academic support and wellbeing. They work in student support teams that include school psychologists to carefully monitor every student's emotional health and progress. Read more.

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International Programs

International tours and a unique school-based reciprocal exchange program develop independence and intercultural perspective. We partner with schools in China, Canada, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Japan and the USA. Read more.

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Beyond the Classroom

Participation is what makes our school so united and our students so well balanced. Get involved in sports, dance, drama, music, public speaking and debating, robotics, outdoor education, community service and more. Read more.


Student Voices

"My time at CCGS has been more than just schooling...to say goodbye to this school is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Its ethos and mentality of ensuring everyone is happy and supported proves that it is truly an exemplary school.”

Jordan, Year 12


"Since starting at CCGS I was immersed in a supportive environment, facilitating my ability to thrive alongside some amazing friends...I was impressed with the level of respect from all members of the school community and how caring and invested they were in me and my schooling journey." 

Emma, Year 12



Starting in Year 7

Starting high school is a moment of huge growth and development. It's a time when friendships are forged, and children carve out their place in life and begin to question the world around them. We'll provide support, guidance and encouragement along every step of your child's journey.

Senior Highlights

CCGS: Careers guidance
Careers Guidance

An expert Careers Advisor educates students to explore ideas and options to develop their personal career plan. The Dean of Studies and the Senior College team counsel each student to choose an optimum, flexible and fulfilling study path to achieve their potential and ambitions. 

CCGS: food technology
Subject Choice

Our diverse elective courses include interesting options like Photographic and Digital Media, Philosophy, Sociology and Marine and Aquaculture Technology, exposing students to a diverse range of possibilities. Lots of HSC options mean they can study what interests them to the highest Extension level. 

Leadership opportunities at Central Coast Grammar
Leadership & Character

The character of our senior student role models is what makes the tone and flavour of our school so special. Our Strive to Lead Diploma is an opportunity to learn leadership skills through workshops, a fortnightly seminar program and service to others. It's of huge benefit for those seeking leadership roles in the community and in the future.

CCGS: Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy

Students enjoy a contemporary, technology-rich learning environment, making learning at CCGS a more immersive, relevant and compelling experience. A Notebook program for Years 7 to 9 and a BYOD program in Years 10 to12 is supported by advanced infrastructure. 

Extension and learning support at CCGS
Extension & Support

Learning support experts collaborate closely with classroom teachers to extend high potential learners and enrich the curriculum for students facing learning challenges. Strategies include: ability streaming, curriculum compaction, acceleration, external competitions and workshops, inclusive in-class support and after school study support.

Performing Arts Facilities at Central Coast Grammar

Our expansive, green school environment symbolises freedom and opportunity. Highlights are state of the art Science and Technology labs, a professional Performing Arts Centre and unrivalled sporting facilities. 

Clean Up Australia Day goes school-wide

A brilliant day of positive action for our first-ever big school cleanup.

HSC Dance film takes homes Audience Choice award

Foundation Day

We celebrated CCGS's birthday by recognising what CCGS means to the whole School community - past, present and future.

Men's Health Week 2022

Year 9 give their top tips to promote men's health.

Clean Up Australia Day goes school-wide

A brilliant day of positive action for our first-ever big school cleanup.

HSC Dance film takes homes Audience Choice award

Foundation Day

We celebrated CCGS's birthday by recognising what CCGS means to the whole School community - past, present and future.

Men's Health Week 2022

Year 9 give their top tips to promote men's health.