Harmony Day 2024

Junior School Students in cultural dress

“Cultural differences should unite us; when there is cultural diversity, we have collective strength that can benefit us all,” – Olivia, Year 10.

Harmony Day is an opportunity to share in and celebrate our diversity as well as how we live our values of kindness, respect, and inclusivity every day.

Each year, students at CCGS spend the day learning about and rejoicing in our differences, and the 2024 theme Everybody Belongs was a fitting reminder that as our school continues to grow and evolve, so does the rich cultural fabric that makes up our individual heritage.

Junior School Cultural Parade

The Junior School Cultural Parade is a much-loved event in the annual school calendar.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 donned traditional cultural clothing, and for the first time, student representatives from each year group explained the cultural significance of their outfits.

On display was Indonesia’s national attire the kebaya, a Bulgarian folk ensemble, a traditional Turkish Efe Zeybek and a colourful Polish celebration outfit, just to name a few!


Whole School Comes Together

Celebrations continued with a sharing of cultural performances at our whole school service.

The moving processional set the tone, with powerful sounds of a didgeridoo echoing throughout the hall. 

Some of the other performances: 

Anjalie (Year 7) who has both Ukrainiane and Indian heritage, performed a song on the sitar (a traditional Indian instrument) about an Indian goddess and her beauty.

Girl in Indian dress playing a sitar

Year 8 student Dinuli shared a Sinhalese children’s song ‘Amba Yaluwo’ about friends that stay connected no matter their differences and proud Gadigal descendant and Year 7 student Knoa recited a poem he wrote in the Gadigal language:

Gurugal Balagaman Ngalawa. Wa Nura Walla

Bruang Banga Marrang. Walla Gan Gunang

Dyural Yirran Buyi Yirran Boot Boot

Gudba Yilabara Nura Byawurra Nyimang

Bamal Garrigarrang Burra


English translation:

Long ago Aboriginal people lived on Country

The ships rowed onto the Beach, Guns and Spears Fought

Many Died, Many Hearts Broken

Now Country Wounds Extinguished from Land, Sea and Sky

In a show of cultural fusion where Asian classic meets western pop music, Gabriella (Year 6) played ‘Believer’ on the Chinese zither – a reminder for everyone to believe in themselves.

A sensational finale of Russian folk music performed by the Khrustaleva family had everyone on their feet dancing and clapping in unison.