CCGS remote in action

We are living in unprecedented times.

CCGS remote in action aims to capture life as we know now - the day to day of schooling in a new remote learning environment, how our teachers continue to innovate and evolve their teaching practice and the amazing resilience of our students who are ready to embrace anything, be creative and stay focused.

From online Art lessons, Music and storytime (even assessments!), we'll go behind the scenes of life in our school community and document school life during COVID-19.

Together teachers, parents and students alike can share our journey, stay connected and shine a positive light of hope.

CCGS remote in action

How can you get involved?

  • If you have a public Instagram profile (not private) you can use the Hashtag #ccgsremote or tag @centralcoastgrammar to share your child's remote learning experience and what school life is like during COVID-19.
  • Or you can email your photos and experience through to us and we share on our Central Coast Grammar School social pages and add to our visual board below. 
  • All posts are moderated.
  • A reminder that students under 13 should not have an Instagram account.